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Vitamin D3


» No, I just told you where to find it, old fart. Go to the archives, and
» type in the word, “orrible.”
» And Hairsite has told you to leave forum members alone in the past. You
» keep this up, and I will have David ban your bald-headed ass.
» Now, mind your manners.

What a g damn crybaby you are

  1. every time you get your feelings hurt you go crying to the moddies. Only this time, DAVID is no longer here, he sold the site? You are not that stupid are you? pay attention

as for the post you refer to it does not exist, if it is there GO FIND IT AND POST IT

Is that difficult? Apparently thats more than you can handle
Oh wait the post doesnt exist thats why you are chickening out

you really are a worthless coward


BAN HanginInThere! He is a troll!

  1. Your crown is completely bald.
  2. You are a sixty-something year old man with a penchant for taking advantage of foreign woman who would do just about anything to better their present predicament. It’s sad, and I am not impressed.
  3. Spend much of your day arguing with men half your age about a subject that you know far too little. Namely, how to stop hair loss. Your DHT blockers have done nothing for that hole in the back of your head, sir.
  4. Jacob caught you in a lie.
  5. Jacob caught you in a lie. Those were not your pictures.
  6. Jacob caught you in a lie. Those were not your pictures. They were of two different people.
  7. People do not believe you when you state that you have maintained your hair with just saw palmetto and beta sitosterol. It is a lie. You keep changing your story, Buckwheat, telling people to use vitamins and minerals, but you don’t even use them.


He lacks the mental capacity to come up with a response to posts, so instead he reposts the same post again and again,:clap: :lol2: you know much like mentally slow individuals



BAN HanginInThere. He is a troll and a troublemaker. The former owner already warned him on several occasions.

Refer to his “Greatest Hits” as evidence of this behavior: He lies; posts fake pictures to camouflage his bald crown; has started fights in every forum here, etc.

BAN HIM, please!


» BAN HanginInThere. He is a troll and a troublemaker. The former owner
» already warned him on several occasions.
» Refer to his “Greatest Hits” as evidence of this behavior: He lies; posts
» fake pictures to camouflage his bald crown; has started fights in every
» forum here, etc.
» BAN HIM, please!

Now that he has been thoroughly humiliated and he has no comeback he is out of ammo(not that he had any to begin with, oh wait Hangins Hits, LOL nobody gives a crap about your fake posts)

You are just as much of a troublemaker buckwheat.
Every forum I start fights? name people I have started fights with other than you ? in the last 2 yrs?

As I said you are a weak crybaby , you hide under jacobs skirt, if he isnt here to hide from you cry to the moddys

get a spine


» BAN HanginInThere! He is a troll!

Did you figure out now that David no longer owns the forum? because I had to tell you?

Good boy:clap:


Hairsite: “Hanging please leave forum members alone.”

rev: “…you talk too much for a guy that knows too little.”

Widowspeak: “More of the same babble from Mr. KnowItAll, a.k.a. HanginNoWhere. Hangin’s one of the reasons I don’t post here like I used to.
No drugs, rugs or plugs…beta-sis.”

HanginInThere: “I do not like my pics being up permanently online, Jacob got mad because he had not saved them yet, so he started making up all kinds of conspiracy fake pic stories.”

Jacob: “Wrong. You took the pictures down because personal information was on the one. All of yours were not of the same person. THAT is why you took them down.”

Widowspeak: “If you don’t pretend [HanginInThere] is relevent to this site or tell him you achieved regrowth with his so-called “advice” you will be attacked just like he attacks my posts and accuses me of being someone else.”

The Natural is right. Hangin is ALWAYS the common denominator where there’s trouble. Now Hangin will proceed to “put me in my place” and then call me Kramer."

mj2003: "Natural, I ignored the prick when [HanginInThere] directly insulted me out of the blue. You can do the same.

The internet is a funny place. It’s kind of like the US Army… “Be All You Can Be”. Everyone sits behind a computer with multiple phd’s and such vast experience these days, but the one thing they seem to lack is Human-Correspondence 101.

Best of luck."

orrible: "I followed hangins regime after spending time on this forum in early 2005 and reading how naturals didnt give you side effects etc. I took beta sisterol, saw palmetoo & green tea extract in combination. After only 2 weeks i had developed gyne. I stopped the hairloss tabs and took anti estrogens but it didnt resolve. In the end i had surgery. I just thought i would post as i havent visited this forum in awhile and i would have appreciated learning about this before my disaster with naturals.

My link is below. If anybody takes the time to read through it you may see me refered to as stonecold. That was my old username on that forum, but i modified it to orrible to correspond with my hairloss forum username.


Hogan: (reply to HanginInThere)"…why I would be jealous of a mentally retarded, balding, 40-something, with no degree, living in the the Philippines? LOL"

Hairoine: “Just wondering if your hair looks so good then why do you bother coming on this board?”

HanginInThere: “I come…because I am bored.”

Hairoine: "Oh right. You do realise though that now no one will listen to anything you say. Am not having a go but if your bored that surely the only reason you come on this part of the forum is to wind people up?

If you have more knowledge than the guys on here and they are not willing to listen then why bother posting anything? I would just let people get on with whatever they want to do and if anyone comes directly to you for help then go for it."

yellbird: “Mental Wards are full of Bored people like him. As the Doctor entered the room he asked how you doing. The reply was I am HANGINTHERE Doc.”

thegreek: [HanginInThere] all your threads end up offtopic or deleted… You are so freaked out that everybody understood what an idiot you are that you try to fill the place with stupid threads.

It will end up offtopic as well… you are the forum clown and you know you cannot change it, pretty soon you are going to freak out completely and fill the forum with BS threads…"

Every village has an idiot…you are officially our idiot."

Hogan: "All of my supporters have regrown their hair and have moved on with their lives. Not hangin(there) around some bulletin board. Unlike some who seek any attention that they can get from any stranger that is willing to flatter them. Get a life.

I haven’t posted on this board for the last year and a half because I have been busy working on my MBA, something you will never have. While you have been busy pitching your horrible regimen on un-suspecting noobs, I have gotten an MBA.

You live a sad, sad life. The only existence you have is on this board."

The Natural: “Most men are sensitive about their hair or lack thereof.”

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ApeSmith: “Hanging, even if someone does not provide proof of their regrowth, hey wish them well and good luck and be on your merry way, there is no need for bitterness and acting pathetic.”

Jtelecom: “Hangin, You need some serious help, man! I think that you should talk to somebody about your feelings on these (and other) issues. These rants of yours are not doing you or anybody any good. Get some help - NOW!”


» Hairsite: “Natural please drop dead you bald idiot you.”


» » Hairsite: “Natural please drop dead you bald idiot you.”
» »

Is it just me or is the Natural the biggest weenie coward you have ever come across

I mean cry to the moddies like that? thats pathetic

  1. first he hides behind jacob, jacob is nowhere to be found

  2. his second tactic is to post fake quotes from other board members, he verifies he is a liar and that they are fake by failing to post the original links to any of the quotes

  3. That didnt work either, so his third attempt to hide behind someones skirt is to hide behind the MODDIES and BEG THEM TO BAN HANGIN

is that fking pathetic or what?
guy has no guts no balls no spine:-D :smiley: :rotfl: :clap: :clap:

I think he was definitely bullied as a child, and he used his sister to fight his fights for him (brunhilda is quite a woman)




» » Thanks for sharing this.
» Well, every product have some bad effects. before taking such medicines do
» a person need to check up for something so that D3 intake donot turn into
» bad for hair or body…

The analog has shown to work on alopecia areata - so helps wih the immune component.


» I really don’t care whether you believe me or not. All I know is that for
» about the price of $8.00, somewhere between 5% - 10 % of my hair that was
» gone for many years has come back so far. Worst case scenario of giving it
» a try, is that your general health would probably improve.

what brand of Vit D3 gelcaps did you use.

Is it sold online?


» :yes:

I hope you are through crying and throwing a tantrum and begging the moddies to protect you

probably not:clap: :lol2:


Just put your ass on ignore, HanginInThere. Make better use of your time.


Look at iHerb.com


I’ve always thought natural stuff to be a load of BS but i’m trying out chewable Vit D… which has D3 in it.

1000mcg per day. Hopefully something happens.

I’m actually taking it due to not getting enough sunlight during the winter months. I’ve been depressed during that time and wondering if Vit D suppliments might do me some good.


Why You Need More Vitamin D. A Lot More.

by William B. Grant, Ph.D.

(OMNS, Sept 16, 2011) Vitamin D has emerged as the nutrient of the decade. Numerous studies have found benefits for nearly 100 types of health conditions. These health benefits include reduced risk of bone diseases, many types of cancer, cardiovascular disease (CVD), diabetes mellitus, bacterial and viral infectious diseases, and autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis,[1] neurological conditions such as cognitive dysfunction,[2] and improved athletic and physical performance.[3]

Sunshine, Skin, Sunburn, and Sunscreen

The primary source of vitamin D for most people is solar ultraviolet-B (UVB) light. Skin pigmentation has adapted to where a population lives for a thousand years or more as those with skin too dark or light do not survive as well as those with the appropriate skin pigmentation.[4] Dark skin protects against the harmful effects of UV, but also blocks the UVB from penetrating deeply enough into the skin to produce vitamin D from 7-dehydrocholesterol. Those with lighter skin can produce vitamin D more rapidly, but are more prone to melanoma and other skin cancer. Sunscreens block UVB and thus limit vitamin D production. While sunscreens are useful in reducing risk of sunburning, they do not block the long wave UV (UVA) as well as UVB. UVA is linked to risk of melanoma. Wearing sunscreen when there is no danger of burning can actually increase the risk of melanoma.[5]

Understanding Vitamin D Research

Since vitamin D production is the primary source of vitamin D, ecological and observational studies have been very useful in teasing out the effects of vitamin D on health. There are two types of ecological studies, based on geographical and temporal (over time) variations. In geographical studies, populations are defined geographically and both health outcome and risk-modifying factors are averaged for each geographical unit. Statistical analyses are then used to determine the relative importance of each factor. The first paper linking UVB and vitamin D to reduced risk of colon cancer was published in 1980.[6] This link has now been extended to about 15 types of cancer in the United States with respect to average noontime solar UVB doses in July.[7] Solar UVB doses in July are highest in the Southwest and lowest in the Northeast.[8] Mortality rates are generally lowest in the Southwest and highest in the Northeast.[9] Similar results have been found in Australia, China, France, Japan, Russia, and Spain, and the entire world.[10]

In temporal studies, seasonal variations in health outcomes are sought. A good example of a seasonal effect linked to solar UVB doses and vitamin D is influenza, which peaks in winter.[11]

Observational studies are generally of three types: case-control, cohort, and cross-sectional. In case-control studies, those diagnosed with a disease have serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] level or oral vitamin D intake determined at that time and are compared statistically with others with similar characteristics but without that disease. In cohort studies, people are enrolled in the study and the vitamin D index determined at that time. The cohort is followed for a number of years and those who develop a specific disease are compared statistically with matched controls who did not. The main problem with cohort studies is that the single value of the vitamin D index may not relate to the time in the individual’s life when vitamin D had the most impact on the disease outcome. Cross-sectional studies are essentially snapshots of a population and look at various factors in relation to the prevalence of health conditions. As biochemistry can be affected by health status, such studies provide less reliable information on the role of UVB and vitamin D on health outcome.

The role of vitamin D in CVD and diabetes mellitus type 2 have largely been studied using cohort studies. Significantly reduced risk of CVD and diabetes mellitus incidence have been reported in a number of studies in the past three years.[12]

Health policy officials like to see randomized controlled trials (RCTs) reporting health benefits with limited adverse effects. RCTs are certainly appropriate for pharmaceutical drugs which, by definition, are artificial substances that the human body has no experience with. RCTs with vitamin D are problematic for a number of reasons. For one, many RCTs used only 400 IU/day vitamin D3, which is much lower than the 10,000 IU/day that can be produced with whole-body exposure to the midday sun in summer, or 1500 IU/day from casual sunlight exposure in summer.[13] For another, there are both oral and UVB sources of vitamin D, so the amount taken in the study will compete with the other sources. There is considerable individual variation in serum 25(OH)D for a given oral vitamin D intake.[14] Unfortunately, serum 25(OH)D levels are generally not measured in oral vitamin D RCTs.

Nonetheless, there have been several vitamin D RCTs that found significant health benefits beyond preventing falls and fractures.[15] These include ones for cancer,[16],[17] influenza and colds,[18] type A influenza,[19] and pneumonia.[20]

Important Benefits of Vitamin D

The evidence of beneficial roles of UVB and vitamin D for a large number of health conditions have recently been posted at the Vitamin D Council’s website: http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/health-conditions/

In addition to an overview of the literature, the website also includes a feature to pull up a large number of titles on each condition from www.pubmed.gov .

Sufficient information is currently available from observational studies with support from ecological studies and RCTs to determine relationships between serum 25(OH)D levels and incidence rates for breast and colorectal cancer,[21] CVD,[22] and influenza.[23] Risk decreases rapidly for small increases in 25(OH)D for those with initial values below 10 ng/ml (25 nmol/L), then decrease at a slower rate to levels above 40 ng/ml (100 nmol/L). These relations have been used to estimate the change in mortality rates and life expectancy if population mean serum 25(OH)D levels were raised from current levels of 20-25 ng/ml (50-63 nmol/L) to 45 ng/ml (113 nmol/L). For the U.S., it was estimated that 400,000 deaths/year could be delayed,[24] which is about 15% of all deaths/year. For the entire world, it was estimated that the reduction in all-cause mortality rates would correspond to an increased life expectancy of two years.[22]

The mechanisms whereby vitamin D reduces the risk of disease are largely understood. For cancer, they include effects on cellular differentiation and proliferation, angiogenesis and metastasis.[25] For infectious diseases, they include induction of cathelicidin and defensins [26] and shifting cytokine production from proinflammatory T-helper 1 (Th1) cytokines to Th2 cytokines.[27] For CVD, they may include reducing blood pressure and keeping calcium in the bones and teeth and out of the vascular tissues.[28] For diabetes mellitus type 2, they may include improving insulin sensitivity.[29]

Current Government-Sponsored Recommendations are Too Low

In spite of the large and expanding body of scientific evidence that vitamin D has many health benefits, the US Institute of Medicine issued a report in November 2010 claiming that the evidence was strong only for effects on bones.[30],[31] The reason given was lack of convincing randomized controlled trials on other health conditions. The one on cancer showing a 77% reduced risk of all-cancer incidence between the ends of the first and fourth years involved 1100 IU/day vitamin D plus 1450 mg/day calcium.[16] However, the IOM Committee relied on the findings from the start of the study, which was not statistically significant. In addition, the IOM Committee pointed to observational studies reporting a U-shaped serum 25(OH)D-disease incidence relation as a reason to be concerned about higher doses of vitamin D. However, these studies used a single serum 25(OH)D value from the time of enrollment followed by follow-up times as long as 17 years. Two studies reported that the sign of the correlation between disease outcome and serum 25(OH)D level changes from negative to positive after seven-to-15 years.[32],[33] Thus, the U-shaped relations are not reliable and should not be used as the basis for policy decisions, especially since the Committee refused to consider the largely beneficial findings from observational studies.

How Much Vitamin D Do We REALLY Need?

The IOM committee set the recommended vitamin D intake at 600 IU/day for those under the age of 70 years and 800 IU/day for those over 70, and stated that 20 ng/ml (50 nmol/L) was an adequate level. The scientific consensus is that oral intake should be 1000-5000 IU/day vitamin D with a goal of 30-40 ng/ml (75-100 nmol/L).[34] The vitamin D research community has responded to the IOM report on vitamin D with over 60 letters and articles in peer-reviewed journals pointing out the absurdity and illogic of the IOM report.[35] The Endocrine Society published a paper recommending 1500-2000 IU/day and 30 ng/ml.[36] Meanwhile, members of the IOM Committee have been publishing articles in mainstream journals promoting their report.

(William Grant, PhD, is the director of the Sunlight, Nutrition, and Health Research Center (SUNARC) in San Francisco, California. www.sunarc.org . The author receives funding from the UV Foundation, the Sunlight Research Forum, Bio-Tech-Pharmacal, the Vitamin D Council, and the Vitamin D Society of Canada.)


» » I really don’t care whether you believe me or not. All I know is that
» for
» » about the price of $8.00, somewhere between 5% - 10 % of my hair that
» was
» » gone for many years has come back so far. Worst case scenario of giving
» it
» » a try, is that your general health would probably improve.
» Hi,
» what brand of Vit D3 gelcaps did you use.
» Is it sold online?

Weber Natural Liquid drops or Weber Gel Caps - 6,000 IU’s per day. Been doing it for a year now, with continuous hair recovery. Other option that I have used are Jamison D3 gel caps.


» No, I just told you where to find it, old fart. Go to the archives, and
» type in the word, “orrible.”
» And Hairsite has told you to leave forum members alone in the past. You
» keep this up, and I will have David ban your bald-headed ass.
» Now, mind your manners.

Please die already you old asshole, you… :smiley: