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Why six surgeries at Dr. Arvind Clinic?


Dear friends ,

I have gone total 6 surgeries from Dr. Arvind clinic from 2009-2017. But question is , why multiple surgeries?
Can Dr. A’s clinic not able to do it in single session or is there any other reason?
Answer is that , i am suffering from progressive baldness and in touch with Dr A’s clinic since 2009.
In progressive baldness , i could not go in single session HT surgery and had to plan HT surgery, based on total donor hairs and progressive baldness area with time. Second reason is the limited budget for HT.
I am thankful to hairsite.com for giving me platform here and going to update current results of sixth HT surgery. Before that , i would like to summarize the results of past surgeries results.


Phase 1:
Dec 4, 2009
3100 grafts strip
110 beard grafts into strip scar (repair)
81 grafts extracted from plugs and relocated

Phase 2:
Dec 28, 2010
1200 grafts strip
100 beard grafts into strip scar (repair)

Phase 3:
Nov 21, 2011
705 beard grafts placed top of head

Phase 4:
June14, 2014
Head grafts 117 (FUSE)
Beard grafts 447 (FUSE)

Phase 5:
May 26, 2016
Beard grafts 316 (FUSE)

Phase 6:
July 06, , 2017
Beard grafts 1321 (FUSE)

Is fue hair transplant successful?



A209 (B/A picture)- 6812 FUSE/fue grafts - 3 years update | Dr. A’s Clinic








Latest surgery update Phase 6: July 06, , 2017 Beard grafts 1321 (FUSE)


Latest surgery update Phase 6: July 06, , 2017 Beard grafts 1321 (FUSE)


Summary at a glance

My initial surgery was from another doctor and that was not up to my expectation . Than Dr Arvind corrected my surgery in phase 1 and phase 2 . That’s why i have written word repair .



You look great, and you have most certainly come a long way. Your 8 year journey has certainly paid dividends.




Thanks Hairhope4ever
I have read your blog mentioning a long struggling HT journey . At present your result are amazing.
Your blog would be helpful to the new HT patients and will guide them to take right decision in starting.
I feel, your and my story are almost same. I also started hair loss in age of 17 .
My first surgery was from another doctor in 2007 and that was not up to my expectation .

U can see the pics of that surgery from another Doctor.


I am happy you are getting the results you wanted after almost a decade later since your first surgery; the price we pay to have our hair back !


If you could start all over again, would you still get hair transplant?



For me hair transplant is the last option. First i tried to recover hair by oil and medicines. In past i used minoxidil 5% and Finasteride medicine but they could not stop progressive male pattern baldness. Then i preferred HT.

Advange of HT hairs is no maintenance cost. Now i am not using minoxidil and Finasteride.


6 surgeries from 2009-2017, that’s like 1 surgery every 1.5 year!

Did you get swelling on your face every time you had a session done?