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Why six surgeries at Dr. Arvind Clinic?



Not in all surgeries.
I got mild swelling in first surgery at Dr As clinic. Swelling was near front head and could be noticed easily.
In other surgery it was unnoticeable, because surgery area was not near the front head , surgery area was at the top and back side side of the head.


Till now up to 6 phase surgery , total 2999 beard grafts were removed for HT surgery. Initially my beard was highly dense. Now after removing approx 3000 Beard grafts , my beard density is less dense and looks natural on my face.
So i can say i got double benefit. One is getting hair on head by transplanting beard hairs, second is to get rid from high dense beard.


I am surprised you have no scars on your face after having almost 3000 beard grafts taken out.


Three months results of sixth surgery


Results of 6th surgery after 1.5 years