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Very Severe hairloss for past 2 years. What should I do to stop this hairfall? Any inputs please?


Hi all,
I have severe hairfall for past 2 years. It started after I move to a new country.
I moved to the US 2 years back from another country. I had a very long thick hair. Had a huge volume of hair.
After I move to US,I started seeing my hair falling out and thinning gradually from March 2017. I thought it will go off on its own. But it didn’t.
Then I visited few doctors. I went to my PCP,OBGYN. They did a few blood work and said all the blood work looks normal and it will go off on it’s own.
But nothing changed. I see a lot of hair falling off everyday. So, I visited a dermatologist recently( Dec 2018). She did few blood work and said everything is normal except my vitamin D. My vitamin D is very low and the value is 12.1.
She didn’t mention the reason for my hairfall and prescribed me Minoxidil 5%oil. I am applying that everyday. It’s been 2 months, I don’t see any difference in my hairfall. Its still the same.
I am taking vitamin D3 supplements now to increase my vitamin D level.
Apart from that,I really don’t know what’s the reason for my hairfall? I almost lost 60 to 70 percent of my hair now. I usually see more hair falling off in the morning after I wake up. If I need to run through my fingers, i can see lots and lots of hair coming off. Also, during shower,combing and through out the day. I can see lots of hair in my floor everyday.
I don’t know what to do and how should I treat this? What could be the reason for this? I am so worried about this everyday. Getting upset by seeing my hair going very thin. I don’t want to go bald.

Anyone please share your inputs. Any input is really appreciated.
Thank you.


Are you on BCP by any chance? Postmenopausal? I am not surprised that your blood work came back normal and your PCP did nothing other than putting you on minoxidil, same story for everyone.


Thank you so much for your reply.
I am not on any BCP and not postmenopausal too. The dermatologist didn’t say any reason for this and prescribed minioxdil. What could be the reason and how should I treat this?


Very sorry for that. Where you prescribed a specific type of vit d as in liquid or pill form?


My PCP prescribed vitamin D2 50000units per week in a pill form.
But I read that we should take D3 in order to raise up the vitamin D level. So, I am taking vitamin D3 in a liquid form now.
Which one should I take? Pill or liquid form?


liquid form usually allows for faster absorption. For very severe hair loss that lasts over a year, it can be telogen effluvium when the vast majority of your follicles enter shedding phase all at the same time. I think a biopsy will be able to tell if this is telogen effluvium.

Did the blood work also reveal your estrogen, DHT levels?


Doesnt sound like he has temporary hair loss though. This has got to be genetic.


Yeah. Everything is normal.
I think I should visit another dermatologist for this.
I am having hairloss issue for past 2 years.


No. I don’t think it’s genetic. It’s not running in my family.


You may have alopecia universalis which is inherently genetic. This type of genetic disease can be traced down many generations. It doesnt have to affect your parents although they may carry the gene.


So, how should we treat this? Any idea?


I strongly suggest that you talk to a serious derm about it. There is no known cure for it. But I could be wrong. Get another eval for a 2nd opinion.


Thank you so much.
I think of checking with a trichologist. Because visited 2 dermatologist already and they didn’t give the proper diagnosis.
I am using minoxidil now as per one dermatologist advice. But that doesn’t give any improvement too. I am still losing so much hair everyday.


Make sure you ask your next derm about alopecia universalis to confirm if you have it or not. Keep us updated. If I do come across something I’ll definitely let you know. For the time being think positive. I know its baseline advice. But its the best thing you got right now.


Do you use Accutane or any kind of vitamin A derivative for treating acne ? That is another reason for severe hair loss for well over a year.


No. I don’t use anything. Also, I don’t have any acne issues.


Thank you so much. How to diagnose alopecia universalis? Should I go to trichologist?


Don’t listen to AVO, that’s bs, I don’t even think he knows what alopecia universalis means for him to so casually suggest that you are losing your hair because of alopecia universalis. It is possible you are having a very nasty case of telogen effluvium.


Is there any treatment available for telogen effluvium? How to stop that? I am losing so much hair everyday. Is applying minioxdil oil stops telogen effluvium?
Any inputs please anyone?


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