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Very Severe hairloss for past 2 years. What should I do to stop this hairfall? Any inputs please?


Reported just now


Losing 60-70 percent of hairs is really a serious concern. If vitamin D3 supplement is not helping to stop your hair loss then there must be other reason for your hair loss. As you said there is no hair loss in your family history then it could be due to high DHT levels. You should check your DHT levels through a dihydrotestosterone blood test. As you have already visited 2 dermatologists so you should visit a trichologist for an expert opinion.


Thank you so much for your reply @sachink2633.
Yes, vitamin D supplements doesn’t improve it either. I keep losing so much hair everyday.
I am planning to go to a trichologist soon. I am using minioxdil oil now and that doesn’t reduce the hairfall.
I will check if I have taken this DHT test already.


Are you also experiencing shedding in other parts of the body like in the legs and eyebrows? If so you may have as I mentioned alopecia universalis. Make sure this is ruled out. Definitely see a trichologist.

Were you exposed to constant xray radiation, meds or anything you suspect may have contributed to this? Got to lay out all possibilities on the table now.


No…I am not experiencing hair loss in other parts of the body…only in the head.
Also, no medications, no x-ray radiations.
I moved from India to USA 2 years back. Since then, I am experiencing this. Don’t know what’s the reason. My hair was so good when I was in India.


You are a joke, stop spreading misinformation and I will get off your case. Why did you even suggest that she checks for alopecia universalis when she never once mentioned about losing body hair and eyebrows etc? Money and time wasted if she took your advice and went to a dermatologist for alopecia universalis. You are the one who should be banned for spreading misinformation.


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Very strange. Maybe its environmental since you said this started after you moved to cali. I can’t make heads or tails of this. I can say some people are physically affected by environments theyre not used to when they move to a new area for the first time. For example my coworker experienced stuffy nose most of the time when she moved to usa. But nothing as severe as what you’ve described. Or maybe its stress from moving to an unknown land?

See a trichologist for sure. You may have an autoimmune disease where cells attack hair follicles. Did any of the derms you saw mention autoimmune disorders?

Dont give up and keep us posted. Make sure to stay away from negative people. Keep us posted.

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Thank you so much for your reply. Really appreciate it.

Yes. They check for autoimmune. They did a test called lupus. ANA test.
The test results were normal. Doctor doesn’t know the reason for this issue.


You need to get a biopsy. Thats done by taking a small piece of your scalp. They study it under a microscope and look for possible autoimmune factors. You need a biopsy done!


There is no cure or treatment for telogen effluvium, it is when the vast majority of your follicles are entering the shedding phase. Consider a blessing if you are really losing your hair because of TE because the hair should grow back.

Let s just hope that you are not losing your hair because of female pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia.


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