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Tsuji said his treatment would be on the market by 2020

It’s 2020 and Tsuji’s tech hasn’t reached the market. I’m starting to think that Tsuji’s tech doesn’t work. Does anyone have an update on Tsuji’s efforts???

@jarjarbinx I’m guessing they are hitting some snags with the Japanese government in their application for human clinical trials. Remember the new streamlined rules in Japan are just that NEW and haven’t really been tested before. They are streamlined on paper but when an actual complex trials application comes in I think they’re just reverting back to the default review process.

I also think it’s possible that Dr Tsuji has hit some technical roadblocks which he’s not discussing publicly. Remember Organ Technologies has folded, they’ve filed bankruptcy. Depending on their role in the project, maybe their contributions were hard to replace. Maybe there is a bankruptcy lien on their assets, including intellectual property, so it CAN’T be used by Tsuji. So now he has to go out and look for a replacement.

The price will come down as other breakthrough treatments hit the market. Breezula could be a breakthrough treatment. It’s like RU58841 without having to resort to the black-market. I don’t think Tsuji is going to sell a lot of procedures for hundreds of thousands of dollars after Breezula hits the market. And Breezula might hit the market first. Plus, there’s also Stemson and J. Hewitt, and Shisesido might produce something, plus there’s Follica and some other interesting potential treatments in the pipeline.

@jarjarbinx The price of Dr Tsuji’s procedure will definitely come way down so it’s affordable by a lot more people. It will definitely be within the low 5 figure range (in dollars) not the mid 6 figure range. People are spreading scare stories based on very sketchy info.

The question is, when will it go into clinical trials in Japan? There’s no sense in being concerned and debating how much it will cost if it doesn’t even go into clinical trials.

Regarding Breezula, good luck with that but I’ve seen several reviews on YouTube saying that it actually performs a little WORSE than minoxidil.

I also think it’s possible that Dr Tsuji has hit some technical roadblocks which he’s not discussing publicly. Remember Organ Technologies has folded, they’ve filed bankruptcy.

Blame covid 19 for that

I would forget Tsuji. At leat for the next 5 or 6 years. After that he might come back with improved protocol or he may not.

There is also Histogen. I think it will be exciting in the next 3 to 5 years, I hope.

Its been 12 years of this stuff and nothing has come up. I’d say the best bet is on development from japan

On this undated press release, Histogen now says they’ve partnered with Huapont in China to “develop” their HSC hair growth product. No info about a timeline. it’s strange also that they still seem to be in the product development phase after about 13 years. I would think that by now the product dev is finished, and all they have to do is human trials. And it seems like all the work on HSC from now on will be conducted in China.

All these products, their timelines, expectations, etc for more than 10 years now all just up in smoke.

Are they not trying to do what cotsarelis has been trying to do for over a decade? That is to find that missing magic link?

Yep, there’s also Shiseido/Replicel, I have given up on them more or less, but haven’t completely written them off yet, this is from Mar 2020 press release, looks like they are still in the game and I like what they said about its efficacy for people with moderate or advanced baldness:

“When reviewing the data from this study it is important to note that most of the men involved in the study were at advanced stages of hair loss with 58% being at Norwood stages V and VI and 90% at stage IV and above. Similarly, 60% of the participating women were on the more advanced grade of hair loss. The best responders were in an older population (51 years of age or older) with moderate severity. We know that any technology works better in a less severe pattern of hair loss and that is once again what we see in this study,” continued Shapiro who was a founding shareholder of RepliCel but was not involved in this clinical study. “The best responders were those at stage Norwood III/IV rather than V/VI and the best responders saw a range of 5-13 more hairs per square centimeter at nine-months after treatment. This is a statistically significant result produced from a one-time injection of an experimental treatment that may yet be improved upon in any number of ways including being easily delivered in a series of injections, which I would expect to further increase hair re-growth outcomes. This is an exciting development in the field of hair-loss research.”


Riken has a big hair regeneration announcement that will be made tomorrow. It seems like it must be positive or they would not go to the trouble of publicizing bad news.

Not trying to sound like the unfriendly neighborhood cynic but another news announcement about the same thing with hardly any eye candy popping results is just like a fish trying to breath on land.

Keep in mind that older people have less testosterone.

Link please.

You might be right but you are just guessing what the news announcement will be. It could be bad news but it could also be good news.

Based on a 12 year history from results of these events it’s fair to rule out any vast cures or mind blowing improvements that these entities have promised but obviously didnt deliver. Dont hold your breath


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