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This June 2022 article says that Stemson still has YEARS of pre-clinical studies to do

Below is a June 2022 article that says Stemson still has “years” of pre-clinical work to do. This is very recent info since the article was printed in June 2022 and it’s NOW June 2022. Hence, we are years away from Stemson’s human studies, if Stemson even goes into human studies. Ugh!

Also, in this article, Stemson says they have to get “consistent” results in pigs before they can progress to human studies, and since Stemson says it’ll take years (if ever) for Stemson can get to human studies, this implies that Stemson is not getting consistent results in their pig studies. Double UGH !!!

I’ve seen this same article about a year ago. Click bait.

I think it is still relevant that they are years away. No news from Stemson for a while now.

For sure… but if it takes years then most likely it will not work. History just repeating itself. Either is works or it don’t. Good example I have applied for a clinical trial for sensory neural hearing loss. Lost hearing from guns and logging business running a 55 homelite chainsaw. They are able to regrow the hairs in the inner cochlea. First trial very successful one trial participant 40% improvement in reception. Most likely will go through trials quickly. … The CEO of stemson seems at times seems confident and then other times not so confident.

@LIG not true, have you seen the video in this post?

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