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The importance of detox after HT (and if possible before it)

Dear readers,
The importance of detox can not be stressed enough.
Detox is not just avoiding everything. It is about avoiding and at the same time replace with toxin free products and additional oral nutrients.
Below is a simple basic detox and WHY and how one should DETOX

Dr A

The charts about cancer rates (approx 1:30 video timeline) are very disturbing.

It’s not just our soaps and toothpaste but also medications that we have been taking for decades. We live in an overmedicated world where big pharmaceutical companies have successfully brainwashed us to believe that there is a pill for every ill.

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I agree…we do live in overmedicated times where pharma companies push drugs without thorough disclosure/long term research on side effects.

Dear EAS83,
For years I have been stressing the possible harms. Now research is proving and also trying to find cure for post finasteride syndrome

Dr A

A pill for every ill and an ill for every pill !

I have been using Dr. Bronner’s castille oil soap for over a year now (supposed to be all natural) but never thought about replacing my commercial toothpaste and mouthwash till now. Dr. Arvind, what your video talks about is a DIY regimen? I don’t even know where to find those ingredients.

@Dr_Arvind do you advise your hair transplant patients to take finasteride to prevent hair loss?

Dear diffuse,
The main purpose behind this DETOX regime book and videos is to make people aware.
Yes, it may sound strange at first (my patients look confused) when I say your toothpaste may be a big cause for your hairloss at young age :slight_smile:

But the truth is toothpastes also contain sls and inner lining of mouth is where it can be absorbed much faster.

Initially, a natural detox may appear cumbersome. I know how I managed the first 3 weeks making a mess of my home with DIY recipes. Then I realized that it can be difficult at first.

So, we have a section on www.fusehair.com where we can help you transition into a toxin free regime.
You can order ingredients and make them. Meantime, we have products that you can purchase.
But remember, we are not a multinational company. We make small batches, ensure quality but do not despair if what you want is out of stock.
We will try our best to help you.
The above is the link to free recipes as well as toxin free natural products.

Dr. A

P.S. - :slight_smile: I am very happy to come across someone who uses castile soap. Prepared correctly that is a complete natural, non toxic body bathing bar as well as shaving cream. Most people have forgotten this.

Dear Norwood3,
I INFORM them about finasteride but do not FORCE its usage.
I personally do not use it.
Do read about Post-finasteride syndrome and then make your own aware decision


Dr A

Dr. A , if you have to take a rough estimate, what percentage of your patients chose NOT to use finasteride? And are they able to maintain the transplanted hairs for over 5, 10 years?

Truth be told… I do not know how many chose or not to choose. Its their personal detail. I tell them the recommendation and the side effects.
Since hairloss is not life and death situation, it would be unfair on my part as a doctor to FORCE or follow that they stick to any medical protocol.

The second question, dear friend is Is it worth it? Let the AWARE patient decide whether he wants to take it for a decade.
Dr. A

Thank you for you reply Dr. Arvind. Do you accept credit cards? I went to your site and it seems that your shopping cart only accepts wire transfer or direct withdrawal from my bank account. Also, I could not find shipping cost anywhere on your site.

You know Dr. Bronner also has a toothpaste line, it is a low foam formula though and takes a bit of getting used to.

The detox credit card payment will be available soon.
Meantime, you can send us your
-hair type (oily/dry)
-Skin type (oily/dry)
-Any condition (dandruff etc.)
So we can suggest which product will be best for you.

@Dr_Arvind My bad, I didn’t phrase my question correctly. I was interested in knowing whether hair transplant patients who chose not to use finasteride will see a gradual fall out of the transplanted grafts in the recipient site over a long period of time say 5 or 10 years.

Dear stitchmeup,
If the donor hair are correctly taken from the safe donor area, they do not need finasteride. We have followed patients from over 8 to 10 years that have not been using finasteride or any medication except thorough regular cleansing.
Dr. A

P.S. - yours is a good question, because some may have taken hair from unsafe donor area and then put the blame on not having taken medicines for years. Shall collect some follow up results that will prove that no long term medication is required post HT.

Long term follow up of NW 7 (extremely bald) patient without using medications.

Arjun grafts detail: Total 7051 fue/FUSE grafts in 2 session
Scalp : 1774,
Beard : 2527,
Chest : 1083,
Abdomen: 653,
Pubic : 230,
Thigh : 55,
Armpit : 325

View worldwide discussion of this result.

What is SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)? What does it do?
Please go through the link below to understand

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