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Ramatroban results thread


Hey everyone. First day of use for me.

Anyone else have any reports? Any side effects?

*Also just read from a previous thread that it has a short half-life. Does this mean it wont be that effective?


I am on Ramatrobin for 2 days, no sides or regrowth yet. Alec


Which supplier are both of you using for Ram? I’ve decided to start with Ramatroban rather than Indo…


imo iron-dragon makes best quality stuff, already mixed and ready to apply. Some bitch abut price but I think it is a bargain considering it works!! Ive spent thousands on stuff that did nothing.


Day 2 for me. Iron Dragon’s Ramatroban.

What is the half life of Ramatroban, according to what you read?


Those of you on Iron Dragon’s Ramatroban, how are you determining what is an effective and safe dose per day? I have been doing 3 sprays in the morning and 3 in the evening,but I’d prefer not guessing like this. And I think it is unwise for people to determine the correct dosage by spraying and spraying until they feel like they’ve reached some saturation point, as some did the Chromo/Indo product. These products aren’t water…


How do you store it? Fridge or room temp?


I keep it in my medicine cabinet in a room temp of around 72 F (22 C).

The downside of Iron Dragon products is no instructions. I understand why they can’t give us instructions, but it would be nice if someone more knowledgeable than, say, me were to pass some along. :wink:


[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by holyflea12[/postedby]
*Also just read from a previous thread that it has a short half-life. Does this mean it wont be that effective?[/quote]

One thing I’ve noticed is that it seems to evaporate almost immediately. That makes it less greasy than the Indo/Chromo products (which is a good thing), but also makes me wonder just how much was absorbed by the scalp before it flashed off. Thoughts?

I suppose it’s possible that it isn’t flashing off, that it is being absorbed by the scalp that quickly. But, that doesn’t seem as likely.


it is mixed with alcohol as a base compound. I use 2 squirts twice a day. I first apply minox and makes hair and scalp wet, the 2 squirts of each thing I am applying while mixing it in by rubbing scalp with my other hand


Uhg, I’m consistently getting like this whole
Body semi muscle weakness with a minor headache 10-15 minutes after applying… I’m really hoping these sides will subside. Maybe because it has a minor blood thinner, anti-clotting style mechanism as a thromboxane receptor antagonist. Really hoping these go away, was lookin forward to using ramatroban…

Anyone else experiencing something like this?


Im good, no side effects


[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by holyflea12[/postedby]

Anyone else experiencing something like this?[/quote]

Not me. How much are you using?


Two questions:

1- Do any long term users have anything to report?

2- If you were to choose between chromo/indo and ramatroban, which would you go with and why?


Chromo/Indo will stop hair loss. Ramatroban I have only been one a few days, nothing to report


Thanks. What do you think is the best regimen for regrowth?


Alec, what temp are you storing at?


storing at room temperature. The chromoglycate/Indomethacin from Iron dragon stopped my hair loss. I am using minox foam, chromo, indo, cloprostenol, and now Ramatroban. I am going to keep using all products because I want to try everything together and see if I can regrowth healthy hair. so far I stopped shedding and have just grown vellus hairs larger than normal.


day 5 on Ramatroban, no regrowth yet


Btw, just so you know, the indometacin is also supposed to reduce fibrosis produced by mast cells. I may as well add both Ram and Indo.