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Ollie - 2000 FUE Grafts

For 15 years, since childhood, my son, Michael Ray Woods, has sat ,watched and observed me like a hawk

Over the last few years, on very selected patients, under my supervision, he has created astounding results

His skill, patience, dexterity and utter attention to detail has even me in awe.

He is also one of the best lead guitar players you will hear…mark my words

Dr Ray Woods

Your son ???

YUP…chip off the ol block

I am trying to get him to teach me how to shred that LES PAUL and STRAT…

But with wisdom beyond his years…he said " Dad, there are a lot of messed up guys out there, and that is our focus and I am here to help"

we are still going to unwind doing gigs, from this incredibly difficult and life changing work…but I only know 3 chords…maybe 4 on a good day…I Leave the rest to Michael…I can only sing " follicle heart break hospital" so many times

Dr Ray Woods

I thought the guy in the video was Dr Woods’ son, :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:

He is only 24, but had a big weekend :grinning:

Dr Ray Woods

I am not trying to be disrespectful but will your patients know in advance that it is your son and not you performing the surgery? Imagine your patients’ surprise to fly all the way to Australia only to realise that it is your son and not you doing the job.

They all know, and there is no surprise and I am there the entire time. I am giving patients the option

Michael is still my student and tech, but has shown a remarkable gift and passion for this

And most patients I have seen who fly across the world to get cheap hair transplants are very surprised that there are 10 other guys there, lined up like sardines, they see the doc for 15 minutes, and the rest is done by slave labour drilling holes in their heads.

Now, that is disrespect

Dr Ray Woods

This guy would have a much better look shaving his head. Instead he’s got this totally see-through kinky hair and obvious transplant job. Hey, but as long as he’s happy.

Oliie had a white scarred scalp and a horrifically scarred donor which could not be touched…He also had obvious scalp reduction scars… his scalp had a few plugs but otherwise as good as shaved…as a result he lived under a hat for decades.

He no longer wears a hat and no one looks at his head.

He had a miraculous life changing result and has booked in for several more sessions.

Are you sure you are looking at the right video ??

The only thing kinky and obviously see through here is your post.

Dr Ra Woods

Does your son have a medical degree, or has he been “home schooled”?

Also the video features close ups of the patients hair prior to surgery, but no close ups of the patient after surgery, which doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the result.

The less-is-more look works well if the patient has fair complexion with light or blond hair like the guy in this thread below, but it is harder to pull this off on someone with black hair and darker complexion

How many techs in india, turkey, even Europe or USA have medical degrees ??

Next time you are out there, and the doc leaves the room, ask for the techs certification

How many times has that happened ???..that is one hell of a can of worms

Referring to my ability to train someone over many years as " home schooling " is insulting,

Just see how many doctors out there are offering training for techs…lots

Every time a clinic puts out before and after STILLS…or videos where the patients pre existing hair is shaved, …so the clinic can take credit for work they didnt do…you guys go ballistic with praise…some are just duped,the others are shills

But somehow this obvious deception inspires such incredible confidence

Oliie had dead white scarred scalp skin, a few plugs, and extremely limited body and neck hair…even I thought ANY result was going to be tough

They all know what this means…YES , I am planning on training Doctors, but the stark reality is…99% want techs…the lower the cost the better
I cannot escape this reality any longer

So Michael is here to help me …he is better than any doctor I know, and , with 15 years watching and learning from me, he will do the best job in training and educating techs, with me.

So before this video is criticised , go back and properly, with open eyes and critical thinking, check out the others. Compare.

Remember, Ollie was an incredibly difficult scarred head repair job using only some chest and neck. He is about 5 months out, and walks about proudly with NO EVIDENCE of scarring or deformity. THAT IN ITSELF IS A GREAT ACHIEVEMENT
Yes, it is not a full head of hair, BUT, the scarring and deformity is gone

And, he will be back

Dr Ray Woods

Ok Dr. Woods so your son is a technician, or assistant, or whatever the proper title is, as such he is not performing any transplants, only implanting the grafts that you have removed and prepared for him. Just wanted clarification. You made it sound like he is doing his own surgeries.

Every patient should ask the doctor in the consult the names of the people that will be performing the surgery, and their background and experience. How much of the surgery will be done by the doctor and how much by the techs, and what experience does the doctor and the techs have in performing FUT or FUE surgery? If the doctor is not forthcoming, it’s time to consult with someone else.

Good point.

But all around the world, as we speak, inept, unskilled techs are removing and implanting hair…often from so called top clinics.

I know…see at least one or two a week. And its always the same story.

Doctor sees patient for a few seconds, and walks out to the next poor sap

The two techs, usually young girls from the phillipines, Thailand etc, are armed with hole punching drills…one from the left, one from the right

Within one hour, the donor is wiped out…makes strip look good.

This is happening right now all around the world

Good luck fordham, I tried and failed…its a lucrative deceptive business…you threaten their income and hell is coming your way, as it did to me…

Even this thread is being targeted…Why? Because a fist full of chest hair and a few neck hair hid terrible scars and deformity …it could never create dense coverage

It was done by my son, Michael Ray Woods, under my constant 25 power supervision.

I already detailed his history and training, but the attacks will continue because we are shining a light into very dark places.

If what fordham suggests, and is implemented, it will sink a multi billion dollar industry.

As I said, I tried, but no way

Dr Ray Woods

I forgot to mention, in the vast majority of cases, patients dont even see a doctor for the consultation…they see a “representative” or a so called consultant, and the disclaimer is not revealed…the doctor stays out of it and is immune…" plausible deniability"…

Marco went to a “top clinic” but the disclaimer stitched him up so well that even a well to do smart business man like him is gagged

Dr Woods

All around the world, from “top clinics”, techs are drilling out and implanting grafts, often with diisasterous results , most of which no one will hear of

research that

Dr Woods