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Dr. Ray Woods - 1500 grafts FUE hair transplant for Norwood 5


Dr. Ray Woods - inventor of FUE & BHT.

This is someone with extensive baldness, Norwood 5 approaching Norwood 6.

This video shows the brilliance of Dr. Ray Woods and the amazing yield that is possible with his expertise and technique. The patient’s frontal area and top of his scalp is slick bald; most doctors would need at least 5,000 - 6,000 grafts in order to make a cosmetically acceptable difference for the patient.

Yet, Dr. Ray Woods only used 1500 FUE grafts and managed to frame the patient’s face and create a very natural overall result that provides coverage for the top of his scalp as well. That is almost unheard of in the world of hair transplantation. This patient can choose to have another procedure to add more density or simply leave it as is with no signs of work done whatsoever. The result stands on its own without obligating the patient to have more work done; that’s what every hair transplant surgeon should do for their patients.

For more patient results or find out why Dr. Ray Woods is widely regarded as the godfather of FUE & BHT hair transplants, go to http://www.woodstechnique.com.au

Ollie - 2000 FUE Grafts

He has a lot of donor, why stopped at 1500 grafts?


the patient only could spare a few days due to his busy OS commitments. His donor was very thick and larger shaft diameter
At the time of the video, he said


In June

Dr Woods


Not to take this away from Dr. Woods , good yield for sure but salt n pepper hair also made it possible to accomplish this with only 1500 grafts.


He has enough donor to become a Norwood 2.


check his donor on the video

He has plenty, infact, looks untouched.

He will be back in a few weeks. As soon as results come in I will

Dr Ray Woods


Very nice, his hair is the right diameter and color to get a good result from 1500 grafts for someone with such extensive balding. The rest will be gravy.


enough donor but not sure if he has enough cash :smile:


He can always go to a production line clinic run by slave labour techs and signing internationally binding gag orders…his decision,but he has already booked in with me

Questioning his cash situation is relevant , no problem, so, how is your cash situation ?

Dr Ray Woods

PS… its no ones freeking business,but with my son helping me now, I can help out people who need help but cant afford me doing the entire procedure