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Number of hair per square centimeter. Dr Woods

Several people have asked this question. How many hair per square centimeter. Many clinics give the answer over the phone, sight unseen

It depends upon the following

  1. what is the diameter of your follicles

  2. what is the depth of the follicles

  3. what is the shape of the follicle and what is the preponderance of number of bulbs per follicular unit…varies dramatically between cultural groups

  4. what are the characteristics of the skin layers, that is, the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis regarding VASCULARITY, COLLAGEN ELASTIN and DEPTH of each layer

The above determine what is possible and all parameters vary as much as height , weight and body shape in humans.

Even plant nurseries have instructions on how deep and how far apart they can be planted.

Like the earth itself, the skin follows the same rules.

If you try to guess , without seeing me, my height weight age and body shape and you were wrong, it would be no issue , no skin off anyones nose…and ridiculous to begin with.
But giving an estimate over the phone can be misleading, dangerous and , if followed without proper examination and microsurgical precision, can result in skin necrosis, follicle death and regret.

Dr Woods

I can understand most of what you said but what does “depth” of the follicles have to do with hair per sq cm?

Deep means length.
The longer the follicle, the deeper and possibly wider the incision. Vascularity, bleeding, trauma and incision size all affect how closely the follicles can be packed. An area of intact skin must be allowed around each follicle to provide adequate nourishment for the follicle, but also to provide stability , reliable angulation and avoiding one incision blending into the next . If this happens the follicles will spit out, and scarring may occur. At worst , necrosis.
Dense packing is still possible, but many factors must be taken into account . Precision, skill and very high magnification are mandatory.

The patient also watching and filming under high power is advised to verify what is going on. I certainly would never allow anyone to touch my head without it

Dr Woods

More importantly Dr Woods isn’t your guy if you want a higher density hairline.
He would make argument on lines of wasting the donor etc etc but really it boils down to the skill of implantation.


Well, the truth is that it’s not about skills like you thought, it’s about ethics and doing what is in the patient’s best interest in the long run.

There are clinics that are ethical and have the required skills. They are not exclusive of each other . Like I said before Dr Woods is limited in what he can offer …

"There are clinics that are ethical and have the required skills. "

I don’t think Dr. Arvind is one of them for high density hairlines that look natural.

Hey bud, not asking anyone to pick Dr Arvind. Pick good clinics based elsewhere in Europe and US.
I was simply giving my opinion based on what I have seen so far from Dr Woods.

me too, I was simply giving my opinion based on what I have seen so far from Dr. Arvind

Sure !

Dr. Woods, for something like the depth and shape of the follicles or the characteristics of the epidermis, dermis etc, a doctor wouldnt know even if the doctor gets to meet the patient in person during a consultation, all these can only be uncovered during an actual hair transplant session when the donor follicles are extracted. Don’t you agree?


Its the same with any surgery.

You can only give approximate numbers and area covered.

Dr Woods

This is a must read if you are looking for high density hairlines, proof that people are wasting their grafts and money when dense packing a hairline.

Survival Rate According to Graft Density Study

Study Conclusion: The survival rate of 20 and 30 grafts per template was higher than that of 40 and 50 grafts. In other words, the study finds that dense packing an area with 40 and 50 grafts produced poorer yield than using just 20 and 30 grafts for the same area.

@hairlove i remember your pics, your hairline is actually one of the nicer ones I have seen from Dr.Arvind, but that is more like the exception rather than the norm for his clinic. Many of his pictures show hairlines that look almost like a straight line if you pay close attention.

I have been silent for a few years. But I have decided to take issue with that shill who said something about density etc .
Under 25 power , and working with 21, 22 and rarely 19 guage blood test hypodermic needles for insertion,…sitting there for hours of tedious precise
microsurgical incisions…I have proven without doubt that I can get density better, safer and of the highest quality anywhere in the world…while the patients watches , films and confirms and verifies what is happening.
Since 1998, when my first website was launched countless videos have been seen worldwide. In 2002, 2003 2004 and 2005 I held seminars in Santa Monica and New York
I have literally hundreds more high definition videos that I can put up…but whats the point…I have already done it.

BUT, giving the highest density possible in a hairline is NOT always in the patients long term best interests…
EXPECTATIONS…etc etc etc

Wiping out a donor is very very easy with modern drills, cheap labour , marketing disclaimers IT influence etc …and for what ?’…to provide a slither of dense packed hairline that looks good in promos in a young man on the net.
What comes next and what do you have to work with ?

The reality is far from the illusion

Dr Ray Woods

@Norwood3 Appreciate your comments bud. I am not trying to promote Dr Arvind or anyone else for that matter. I was just trying to make people aware that Dr Woods doesn’t do the best hairline work and lacks density that you need for natural looking results in my opinion. His posts can be misleading and make you think otherwise…
People can look his results up and make an informed decision for themselves.

what have I said that is misleading ?

And nothing , apart from your opinion ,can be more misleading than carefully doctored before and after pics.

Dr Woods

Hey hairlove,

Not only are dr. woods’ posts misleading as everyone here knows but he’s also known to have a nasty bad temper, throwing temper tantrums at his patients on many occasions. And yes his poor results are as numerous as his patient’s complaints.

Folks if you want a bad transplant please see dr. woods.

If I have said anything here misleading, then reveal and debate…and I expect the moderators to facilitate this…or retract

The temper tantrum thing is hilarious…
To my patients I am forthcoming…show and verify what is happening to those precious irreplaceable follicles , and have , over 30 years, been described as having the patience of a saint…to do what I do , you need it.

As far as results, I have shown reality, not smoke and mirrors

I stand by all I have posted over the years.

And I reiterate, if anyone thinks or accuses me of misleading posts, have the guts and decency to state your case, debate and prove me wrong…otherwise the integrity of this forum is at risk .
That is fair and reasonable

Dr Ray Woods

…proof’s in the pudding

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