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Number of hair per square centimeter. Dr Woods

Dr Woods, I choose to not engage with you directly for obvious reasons.
Since you are asking people to prove their point, how about you prove what you said earlier. How do I qualify as “shill” ?
You have attitude unbecoming of a physician calling people names and attacking them personally. In the past you have gone to say racially inappropriate things on this forum.

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Firstly, it is I who was attacked by these guys with their ridiculous unfounded accusations.
I requested debate ,clarification and proof of these outrageous claims but these cowards dodged it and have come out with even more utter garbage.

Actually it makes me laugh as I recall a documentary about President Lyndon Johnson.
He had a formidable political opponent, and instructed his staff to put out a rumour that this guy has had sex with farm yard animals, including chickens.

His staff were horrified and asked …" how could anyone prove such slanderous allegations ?? “”

And President Johnson replied…" They cant…but it will be funny as hell watching him try to deny it "

So keep the lies coming …until , as I said, the moderators have had enough and remove them…but not until we all get a good laugh.

So these guys don’t engage me according to the facts .because they cant ,ridiculous mud slinging is all they have…and that begs the question…what is their motivation ??
Not too hard to guess

Dr Woods.

Good study except it didn’t tell us why dense packing produces poor yield.

what exactly did dr woods say about italians?

I actually explained all the variables which can determine how many grafts per square centimetre in my above posts on this matter. I went through it.

However, try this .

Take a piece of paper and draw out 1 cm square.
Then take a pen or felt tip and make dots varying between 0.8 and 1mm . And remember, keep a gap between the dots , because if they were follicles with no gap, all the incisions would blend , and it would become a dead, necrotic mess and they will be spat out leaving a large ulcer…

And remember, follicile diameter varies, as does the skin characteristics…as I mentioned above…

Have you done it ??
In the real world of surgery, 20 is possible…30 is pushing it and 40 is risky and dangerous , especially given the rapid punch insertion methods used.

Then think of how many centimetres you want to fill and where are these grafts coming from ?..do you have enough donor or will you be left with bald patches…again, I went through these variables and much more in above posts.

Finally, to quote Michael Caine in the Austin Powers Goldmember movie…" there are only 2 things I cant stand…racism…and the Dutch…"
So perhaps zlaer and hairlove should assemble a gang outside the homes of Michael Caine and Mike Myers , armed with pitchforks and torches and haul them before an international tribunal in the Hague…

Dr Woods,

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