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Neat scientific pictures of hair... Hairtech


I don’t know if anyone is interested in this stuff, but sometimes pictures of biology make me smile.






Thanks for the efforts as usual Hairtech!

Here is one challenge for the Harris clinic. Will blunt dissection using the SAFE technique cut the erector muscle which is necessary for clean removal of the follicle???


I appreciate these photos. Im going to link them for a few folks to see. Thanks.


You know Marco I am going to have to say say no it does not harm it… but that is just based on the blunt theory of dissection. And also I am basing that on the central hairs in a grouping after an FUE blunt punch. Of course there will be collateral errector pilli damage at some point. But consider this. Sharp dissection may have a slightly higher probability of that.

NOT TO SAY THAT THEY DO OR DON’T. Please understand me on that. I respect the sharp dissector clinics that use the 0.75mm punch. What I am saying is if you remember back in science lab… blunt dissection was used to keep from slicing up structures so we could study them.

Listen, you remember in all of our classes… when dissecting… we used blunt dissection?

Why? Because it causes less trauma. Tissues seem to be less harmed when blunt dissecting with scissors. Remember dissecting the pig, frog, worm, cat, cow, rat, and human gross anatomy? It is the same premise.

But I am going to punt that to Dr. Harris for a definitive physician answer.


Just to clarify the question.

In the early days of FUE, several surgeons described a safe (in small caps) extraction technique in which the follicle was disected to the point that the erector muscle was cut. As long as this was cut then the graft just “pops out” without transection since the hair root was not touched. In fact this is not a chalange but an interest in putting this in the context of the SAFE technique. It may simply be that things and ideas have moved on.


You may be correct. I sent it to the doc for the clarification.:wink: Here are more pictures.


Scanning electron microscopy of a hair coming out of the skin.


Scanning electron microscopy of a hair coming out of the skin with e-coli on the skin.


Scanning electron microscopy of a freakon mite on a hair. EEEEEEEEEEK!


» Scanning electron microscopy of a freakon mite on a hair. EEEEEEEEEEK!
» ]

Now that HAS been photoshoped.:cool:


Probably… Where I found is a somewhat shady site. I mean it is one thing to put color on SEM but the bacteria looked a bit much for me.

Not all images came from that site. I will keep poking around.


Scanning electron microscope picture of a hair tied in a knot.


Now this is supposed to be a colored fluoroscopy of cultured hair cells of the inner ear. This one I would print and put on my wall.


Invasion of the human hair of dermatophyte Microsporum gypseum.



This is popcorn. Not related to hair.