My 3rd repair\4th HT at HDC clinic by Dr. Maras and Dr. Christina 1446 grafts

Hello everyone,

As a patient coordinator of HDC Hair Clinic in Cyprus, I write this thread as patient of the clinic with continue of my hair transplants journey diary.

I had last week 27/10/23 my 3rd repair FUE procedure at HDC by both Dr. Maras and Dr. Christina (had 4 HTs total)

Fast recap: as I posted in my older threads, in February 2018 with heavy grief I had my 1st horrific HT by hair mill Arenamed clinic in Turkey Istanbul who botched me with 5000 grafts and cause medical malpractice that led ambulance to rescue me on a wheelchair, my donor was severely depleted and overscared, with no growth both frontal and crown, they damaged my native hairs, and lowering my hairline unnaturally, unfortunately back in 2018 I had no knowledge about professional protocols and paid extra big commission to a local representors, one of the reps was so called a “friend” of mine that I trusted, I sued the him and his partner (still in process) that also bully me for sharing my horrific experience.

In 2019 I had a detailed consultation with HDC and Dr. Maras how to approach carefully to my repair procedures step by step with small sessions to preserve my donor in the most optimum way and achive high growth rate with natural results, so the clinic repaired my frontal area and hairline in the 1st repair with around 2500 grafts in July 2019, I was so happy and in October 2021 decided to do 2nd repair for my upper crown and top area which was again a huge success!

3rd\4th HT procedure by HDC


I had consultation with Dr. Christina and Dr. Maras regarding doing enhancement for my upper crown and 1st time for my lower crown area, additionally I also wanted to add density to some parts of my frontal area behind the hairline.

Dr. Christina did an amazing job by making all punches and some of the extractions, in the consultation she recommended to punch my sides head border of the letral humps (have a good heritage family history of these parts), some grafts of my lower and upper neck donor, some grafts behind the ears, and few facial beard grafts near the ears, total 1446 grafts in one day of surgery, this kind of procedures demand from the doctor to take more time choose correctly which grafts are usable and BALANCE the donor appearance also to preserve more grafts for the future.

Additionally, this time the clinic also used pressure injections which make the anesthesia process more easier for the patient by using the pressure injections first, then the normal injections deeper.

Dr. Maras did the whole sites slits, during the consultation he explained I can choose place the whole grafts over my crown or divide some for the smaller frontal parts for a touch up, in my case it’s very important to understand that the clinic in Turkey botched many if not most of my multigrafts which are ESSENTIALS for crown higher density result, hence I did again another crown procedure that mostly have single grafts.

I choosed to do both crown and small areas, so Dr. Maras did sites with 1100 grafts for the whole crown, 200 grafts for small frontal left part and another 146 for the right part.

It’s important to mention that Dr. Maras did circulation sites pattern for the crown to create the optimum coverage and natural growth with correct hair angles.

The same amazing staff team of the doctors used microscopes to divide my grafts, do most of the extractions and make the placements, within 4 days post care they washed and cleaned my whole scabs while I stayed comfortably in the accommodation apartment next to the clinic.

Dr. Christina estimated me that I still have in my donor bank another 1000+ scalp grafts and few hundreds from my beard.

I’m really happy for over the years following HDC recommendations to preserve my donor with small sessions which also camouflage my scarred look with balanced appearance that looks more healthy and go on my life with returning my confidence back since the 1st repair in 2019 :grinning:

As a patient coordinator of HDC Hair Clinic, I’m gladly happy to share my experience over the years to give the best explanation I can how the choose professional protocols and avoid cheap hair mills with broken promises.

  • I will update my result over the months with photos.

  • I’m using 2 years topical 1% Finasteride mixed with 5% Minoxidil without side effects

  • Here is the link for my previous repair experiences with more details:

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9 days of my recovery:

Impressive work in hair transplant and producing very good results …

Thank you :pray:t2:

Post 2 months result,

I want to focus on my healing process healing here:

My donor area recovering very fast clean and sharp. My scalp donor from the letral humps, behind the ears, and upper sides beard look barely touched.

Receipt area has no redness at all, I feel very confident like I had no procedure, can’t wait to update with new hairs over the crown and frontal touch up😉

@Doron-HDC-coordinator looks amazing, no scars whatsoever.

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Thank you :pray:t2:

My 2 months post op recovery video update:

  • 5 months update *

Really happy with my progression, frontal area hot thicker and easier to style, and surprisingly my crown growth is faster than previous crown procedure due to the topical formula of 1% Finasteride with 5% Minoxidil.

I took couple photos to compare out and indoors lightings.

Uploading: 1000076351.jpg…
Processing: 1000076352.jpg…
Processing: 1000076137.jpg…
Processing: 1000076138.jpg…
Processing: 1000076147.jpg…

Beautiful work, congrats.

Thank you :pray:t2: