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Dr. Maras at HDC clinic in Cyprus, 2550 grafts REPAIR hair transplant over Arenamed's (in Turkey) first experience

Hello everyone, I am Doron Harati international coordinator of HDC hair transplant clinic.

I want to share my 3 HTs journey, this post will focus on my first and second procedure.

I want to thank Dr. Maras and HDC team for repairing my scalp, I was in terrible condition from my first experience with Arenamed.

I am 38 years old today and had my first HT back in February 2018 at Arenamed clinic in Turkey Istanbul with additional escort service from their local representative in my country Israel that represented Arenamed, before the surgery I was promised in a contract, that I will have 5000 grafts ( mega session in one day) WITH NO SCARS and 100% garauntee of full growth and safe procedure with no medical complications, my experience at Arenamed was horrible! I had 10 hours surgery, very painful procedure that almost cost my life! They injected me too much anesthesia, which caused me to faint on a wheelchair, for 12 hours I puked, vomited all over, didn’t feel my body heat and squirm!
They called to an ambulance and the paramedics determined that my blood pressure was low due to anesthesia overdose (I am not allergic to anesthesia), after I arrived back to the hotel, I couldn’t sleep, continued to threw up in the toilet and my head was in tremendous pain so I couldn’t sleep!

After a year me and the agent agreed my HT was a FAILURE, BUT he refused to admit I had scars! I went to a specialist and he approved with a latter my donor area got scared due the HT surgery, PLUS the surgery hurt MY NATURAL HAIR, so the HT was failure, I got scars, I almost died from medical malpractice and my natural hair got damaged.

The representative only offered me repair with a lower price HT at Arenamed but I refused and asked for a full refund and the agent refused even after he didn’t provide what he promised on the contract, we had a fight without understanding and no agreement.

The agent texted and THREATENED TO SUE ME! For sharing my story but I ignored him and followed the rules by lawyer’s advice.


On March 2019 I met Dr. Maras and I was very emotional by telling him my story with tears, I explained him how I am ashamed to go out by the way I look now, that my appearance and my confidence were destroyed, he calmed me down and promised me he’ll do everything to repair me properly, Dr. Maras explained that my luck is the fact that Arenamed didn’t touch my donor area next to my ears (strong donor area) and the procedure will be totally different in much nicer way.

Before my arrival to HDC, I met 7 patients that had HTs by Dr. Maras, all looked great to me! 4 of the patients, had REPAIR HAIR TRANSPLANTS, and 2 of them were like myself customers that had a huge let letdown from the first agent that work with Arenamed, over the months before I learned a lot about hair transplants protocols, the difference between Microscope FUE, to Mini FUE to only eye using FUE, how to preserve grafts, why my first HT failed, how not to make scarring with minimum trauma, ect…

When I arrived to Cyprus on 4th of July 2019 I felt much calmer compare to Istanbul, the apartment that HDC provided me was clean and modern.

The 2 days surgey by Dr. Maras went clean and easy, with small injections without any issues.

I am now post final repair result and couldn’t be happier!

Dr. Maras and HDC team regained my confidence and youthful look, I HIGHLY recommend.

**I will share my 2nd repair\crown procedure on another post

***First photos are pre 1st HT

Thanks for sharing. Where did the pain come from? During the surgery? I would expect the anesthesia to numb the pain especially when you said they had given you too much of it.

BTW, your hair looks amazing now, happy that it all worked out for you in the end.

hahaha, I think you took that too literally! I am pretty sure he meant “a painful experience” figuratively speaking.

What a shame, you ended up with a lot, I mean A LOT less hair one year after you started at the Turkish clinic.

This agent that you mentioned, was he even an employee of Arenamed? When you paid for your procedure, did you pay the agent or did you pay Arenamed directly?

No offense but I couldnt help but notice that the pics taken of you when you almost died seemed too good. Who took these pics? Something doesn’t seem right

Some of them the agent himself, he was my barber and my “friend” for 14 years, he gave our group personal escrot service to Istanbul, I also have video documentation with him that I didn’t share over the internet as my lawyer advised me, furthermore I have video documentation of how the clinic did the anesthesia to us, we were 3 paitents on that day, other photos were taken by the sister of another paitent.

Thanks, the anesthesia was horrific experience, when they didn’t start the injections over my head, I started to scream and asked the agent “What the hell is going on?!?!”, then he explained I should be relaxed and not to worry, because they inject anesthesia to my SPINE, I was so confused so I asked “why to my spine?”, he said because the core of the head nerves located there, then they injected more to my head, it was the most painful thing I ever experienced.

My surgery took 10 hours, the agent was only at the anesthesia and went to foot massage and shopping as he said, then he only came few minutes before the procedure was over, during the time he wasn’t there I couldn’t communicate with the technicians, I told them I feel pain and they only told me to 'shut up" while the watched soccer game and laugh, the agent promised me a translator who weren’t available when I needed him, you can see pn my photos I had hemorrhage where I have the biggest scar, if you’ll look closely you can see the clinic did punch over a punch, a professional clinic will make punch with space between grafts, I have seen bad punch jobs punch to a graft next to another graft with no space, but punch over a punch?!

hmm, now that you mentioned, those pics do seem a bit staged. I don’t doubt that this happened, proabably a coincidence that the pics looked too perfect for what happened.

Exactly. Staged is the right word. The pics, poses, angles, etc just look too good to not be planned. As I mentioned, something is off. Looks contrived.

well, if you read his newest posts, it turns out it was a painful procedure, LITERALLY !

@Doron-HDC-coordinator did Arenameds make you sign consent forms before the surgery so that you cannot sue them afterwards?

I can sue them, didn’t sign anything,
I sued their representative that escorted me and his partner with 4 more botched paitents.

The representative represented Serkan Aydin the owner of Arenamed as an MD doctor which isn’t true, like many other false promises.

I am getting more botched paitents all over the globe to confront the clinic, here is another one:

Hate to see you or anyone having to go through this kind of nightmare. However, I wonder if you really do have a case against the rep unless he explicitly guaranteed you what to expect from the treatment.

Yea we had a contract and I also sued the rep for defamation my name and using my copyright, I can’t reveal anymore details at this moment.

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