Is fue hair transplant successful?

Wrong question. It’s like asking is eye surgery successful? Eye surgery is successful because it is performed by doctors trained in eye surgery.


  1. It’s legally allowed for any doctor to claim they can do hair transplant.

  2. Comprehensive Training for fue hair transplant is not available in any medical college.

  3. Rather then learn fue by its inventors, some with 20 years of experience, many doctors think hair transplant is too simple and they can learn it from youtube animation videos.

Yes, unfortunately, that is the truth.
The proof lies in the fact that we have to repair numerous wrongly performed hair transplants … see proof at World’s #1 Ranked Hair Transplant Centre.

So, the answer is fue is successful and hair transplants are life changing provided performed by a comprehensively trained doctors/clinics.

Fault lies with the patients too … would you go to any and the cheapest eye surgeon or the BEST one. So, do not go bargain hunting for ht doctors… what you need are trained hair transplant artist doctor.
Donor hair are worth more then diamonds… for we can not trans plant anyone else’s hair.

Dr (ex - Capt.) Arvind Poswal

Dr. Arvind, I think bargain hunting is fine if we do our homework, the truth is that like a lot of things in life, there is no correlation between price and quality.

@Dr_A_s_Clinic out of curiosity, what percentage of your patients now choose FUE ?

I personally feel that it comes down to due diligence. In my opinion there is no correlation between price and quality, for I was subjected to 4 botched and expensive procedures before my repair with Dr. Umar. When one does proper due diligence on the clinic and the doctor, the price justifies itself.

About my hair loss journey:


I have seen your HT results , and they are fantastic


Every statement has two interpretation and it depends upon the reader, how he/she is interoperating the written statement. There is no correlation between price and quality, but there is optimization of price and quality. If HT doctor is best, he will optimize his price for giving high quality work and price may be high. Because best HT doctor would not be interested to attract the new hair transplant patients for surgery at lowest cost. Good HT doctor already has data base of good HT results and already have advance surgery date of new HT patients.

On the other hand, untrained or new doctor in this field, may give high discount, or lowest rate of HT surgery, so that he can attract the patients and can do experiment on patients. It does not mean, that new doctor surgery would be fail. But we always talks and gives statement in terms of probability of success or failure. And most of the time, it has been seen that surgery of untrained or new doctor in early phase has lowest success rate. If I am going to doctor, first I will see the results of any surgery may be eye surgery or HT surgery. Untrained or newcomer doctor in HT field has no data base of HT results to show to their HT patients, so most of times they offer lowest price to their patients.
So we should be careful before selecting and HT doctors.

Factors of selection of good HT doctors on website are as follows:

  1. Go to website of doctor, and see all results of HT patients.
  2. Pictures of HT results should be clear with close view and different angles.
  3. Give attention to the total number of HT results.
  4. Also visit the website and study the HT repaired cases.
  5. Visit hair transplants website, like, so that we can see the opinion of all peoples about that doctor.
  6. Never faith on doctor website, in which only HT theory is given and no HT results are presented. Also ignore the false testimonials, in which we can see, “My doctor is best …etc.”. Only see the HT results on a doctor website.
  7. After selecting a HT doctor, meet at least three HT patients directly and see their results.
    Because it may be possible, that on telephonic discussion, patients of that clinic will not tell the truth to you,
    because he/she may be commission or friendship with doctor.

Finally I would like to say that we can do experiment in purchasing non-living items like Car, bike etc. But we cannot do experiment on our body.
Recently I am running blog of my sixth surgery have all experience of bad hair transplant to progressive hair transplant surgery . Will keep all of you update time to time.


Thank you for the kind words. Your results look great as well.

I’m in complete agreement with everything that you said, I just did not go into an elaborate explanation regarding my reasoning. I can relate to you quite a bit, for this October I am having my second procedure with Dr. Umar to put the “finishing touches” you can say after such an arduous journey. Cumulatively, it will be my sixth procedure, just like yourself.

When I mentioned that there is no correlation between price and quality, I was speaking in the context of a higher price being justified by great results. There is no price you can put on an excellent result in terms of the psychological impact. However, the variable is that everyone’s financial situation and limitations vary. Henceforth, some people may settle for a lesser surgeon because he/she may be cheaper, and they are desperate to complete a procedure. Based on my past mistakes and experiences, I am here to solely advocate for patients who are in this situation to wait longer, and save up their money for a surgeon they know will give them a good result. It is analogous to an investment. When one invests a certain amount of capital into something they expect a good return out of, and it does not happen, the effects are debilitating. Conversely, when it is successful it is a very positive feeling with obvious long term positive effects.

About my hair loss journey:


Best of luck for second second procedure in October.
I got your point :slight_smile:

Thanks buddy. Look forward to corresponding with you in the future.

Best of luck with your future growth as well. It looks great :slight_smile:

About my hair loss journey:

At this point, i would say it doesnt seem like it.

Cany anyone repair the damage done? Is there a skilled doc that can actually remedy the situation?

I originally was debating between fue and fut until thw doc said their fue matches their fut yield. And right now it seems im chasing repair.

I am very fruatrated right now.

Yes of course FUE hair transplant is successful and many people around the world are live proof of transplantation. FUE hair transplant is a surgical process in which hair surgeons pick hair grafts from your back side of your head with the help of punching tool and implant newly hair to bald area.

There is no price you can put on an excellent result in terms of the psychological impact.

It can be a double edged sword. Just have to make sure someone does it as you discussed it, without changing any agreement later.

Someone whot does it nice and slow to safely garvest and maximize yield.

You hit the nail on the head (pun intended), hope you are doing well. Research…research…research repair section is proof.

Of course, FUE hair transplant is successful. There are many people who are the proof. See but the success rate depends on many factors like

  • Surgeon Experience
  • Quality of donor follicle
  • Aftercare hair transplant
  • patience

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From scientific point of view the bundles of hair that are removed from head and harvested on the recipient or bald area are first observed under digital microscope before being transplanted. Our hair usually grows in bundles of 1’s, 2’s, 3’s 4’s. These bundles are known as follicular units or hair grafts.For success of hair transplant it is important that hair should be transplanted in proper angle and are placed in the scalp, exactly the way they first grew on our head at birth. The success of FUE hair transplant also depends on the angle and direction of the naturally growing hair. These are important facts that patients need to understand, before going in for a hair transplant.The hairs present in the hairline grow at a very acute angle of 15-20 degrees to the skin of the head.

I think it is reliable, depends on the doctor though. i did my FUE here Sac Ekimi, Saç Ekimi Fiyatları, Saç Ekimi İstanbul, Saç Ekimi, Saç Ekimi Fue, Saç Ekimi Almanya, Saç Ekimi Turkey
its turkish so you might need to translate it to english.

To the readers out there.

Grab some frontal hairline hair.

Now tug on it gently. Tug,up, tug down, and feel the skin traction.

You will find the point at which there is no angular skin traction…only the gentle tug on the skin.

That is the natural emergent angle of the hair. You can also check out anyone who has a crew or buzz cut.

You will find that in the frontal hairline, the hair angle is between 45 to 60 degrees, although there is always a slight variation from person to person.
As you go left or right toward the side burns and temporal points the angle gets very flat, almost sitting just off the skin,

As you go back toward the crown, the angle gets flatter ,smaller, , or more acute, closer to 15 degrees. If not the hair will stick up like an indian feather. And this looks terrible, unless you are auditioning for dennis the menace .

Dr Ray Woods

Dear Wes,
After fee change almost 99% of patients prefer FUSE/fue.
It was the high cost that led many to go for strip.
Now that fue is available at USD 1.5/- per graft instead of $ 4/- , no one wants scar, pain and all problems associated with the method.

Dr. A’s Clinic

Problems associated with the method ?

FUE will not give that big wide horrible smiley scar

But in the hands of exploited, poor and subjugated third world techs, making a few bucks a day, FUE will ,in a matter of a few hours create GLOBAL DONOR DESTRUCTION

And jamming precious fragile follicles into production line pre punched holes is the other side of this disaster.

Every day I get photos of the results of these " get it fast and cheap" jobs…many I cannot help…they have been wiped out with little to show for it.

I was very vocal since the early 1990s …then a few years ago I gave up…I cant fight this tsunami of destruction and BS photos anymore, and this expanding gravy train of horror which replaced the scalpel

But after what I have seen and tried to repair over the last 30 years and the frustration of patients being intimidated into silence…Is indeed despairing

But now its getting worse . .If you look through the archives you will see that I predicted this several years ago

I dont blame the poor stepped on techs…I blame their greedy masters who control everything,
including the propaganda and BS photos on forums etc

Never ever trust a before and after photo.

Because there have been two inventions.

The first is a " comb " …the second is a smart phone with good macro video

Put them together

Dr Ray Woods