How do you cope with hair loss?

For those of you NW3 and above, how do you cope with hair loss daily?

How do you keep your mind off it and keep yourself sane as this disfiguring disease ravages your looks.

Keeping my hair short usually a number 3 cut (been growing it out last few weeks and it looks terrible i have severe diffuse thinning)… i use a ton of toppik which is amazing stuff but my loss is so great that toppik is struggling but if you keep the hair short it looks much better. Toppik has been amazing for me over the years, usually nobody touches my hair which helps.

Use herbal products, and have a good diet are general which we everyone can do. Beside it consult to a specialist how can help you to know your hair better.

» For those of you NW3 and above, how do you cope with hair loss daily?
» How do you keep your mind off it and keep yourself sane as this disfiguring
» disease ravages your looks.

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I am in my middle 40’s with a glorious NW6/7. This pattern persists for many years now and seems stable.

What do I do? I am just cutting my remaining hair at 3-5 mm each week. Alone of course, which saves big cash (a visit to the coiffeur would cost about 22 euros in my area - price as of 2010!).

Since my head is basically bare, I need hats for protection (sun, rain, cold, the occasional scratch). I am very lucky to be gifted with an elegant slender body (no gym at all, just natural) that has not changed during the last 25 years or so. Without hat I see that I attract attention, especially from the younger girls (not surprising). With hat I still attract attention, probably more than without hat. It bothered me in the beginning but I am used to it now. This is the kind of hat that I wear in several colours.

People’s views vary wildly. Only one said that I changed much (he had not seen me for 20 years, so it is expected). New acquaintances say that I look great, perhaps tricked by my slim body line, very unusual for this age, and my fairly young looking face. My wife told me that some co-workers of her (women that did not know who I am) thought that I am a young lover to her, or some new postgraduate student looking for a job. :stuck_out_tongue: Quite flattering I admit. :smiley: Other people also seeing me with my hat thought that I am around 20-25.

So, baldness was not the end of the world for me. I wish I could have back my hair, not exactly to look again below 30 (which I would do), but mainly for the protection I talked about previously. A hat is handy by cold weather or rain but not so much during summer.

I “cope” with it knowing that it’s not a big deal to anybody with a brain between the ears.

I have an amazing girlfriend, and besides me nobody really cared about me being bald. I had some problems at the beginning of hairloss of course because it’s bad news afterall, then I realized that nobody important really cares. Only idiots do. That’s a part of the population I have no interest with.

I do look good, with hair I’m very good looking, without I’m still ok, I buzz my hair once a week and I’m as cool as Jason Statham! Nobody is perfect in this world, life is short and there are so many worse things than baldness, if I had to pick one setback this is a very reasonable one to, so quit sobbing and get a reality check: most girls don’t care if you’re bald (actually some find it very sexy); most guys don’t care if you’re bald; be brave and try to make the most of it.

Actually, woman are totally turned off by bald men.

and you’re only saying otherwise because you are only saying otherwise because you want to try to make yourself feel better by pretending that women do not favor the men with hair. You run around talking about how women like bald men so that you will hear yourself say it and that makes you feel better to hear someone (even if it’s just yourself) say it.

This means that you’re making a conscious decision to hide from the truth )that women don’t like bald men, such as yourself) and hiding from the truth makes you a coward.

Freddie my good friend go to hasson & wong to find your health

I cope by telling myself the cure is on the verge of being discovered.

I’m not sure how I’ll cope if this turns out to be false.:frowning:

Actually, women are turned off by bald men as much men are turned off by small tits. Which is, not very much unless you’re a retard like jarjar and losers like him.

And btw, if you look like crap, like jarjar, there’s no amount of hair that will make you look great. And if you look great, like me, there’s no amount of baldness that will make you look bad.

That’s what doesn’t get into your bald skulls: women (well, 9 out of 10 women) don’t focus that much on your hair, they snap a full body picture (like 9 out of 10 men do, only morons focus on one detail only). Especially nowadays there are many handsome men with no hair that pull off the bald look flawlessly, so grow up and face the facts: YOU are the problem with women, not your hair (or lack of it).

What a laugh! In some of the points you make you are talking out your arse and in other points you make you are outright lying.

For example, you said I’m ugly but you have no idea if that is true or not. I am not specifically denying that I’m ugly but that is not the point. The point is that you have no idea what I look like. Also virtually all bald men look bad without hair and almost all of them would look better if they had their their hair and yet you talk to these guys and talk about me being ugly as though baldness making a guy ugly is a rarity rather than the common result of baldness. For you to act like the bald guy who looks bad is the rare exception is totally dishonest and deep down inside every person here, including yourself, knows it.

And the reason you come here and try to pump up bald guys up that everything is hunky dory and they look good is because it makes you feel better to say this fake dishonest stuff. You hear yourself say this fake dishonest stuff and that makes you feel better because you hear someone (yourself) say it. It doesn’t matter to you that this stuff you say is totally false. All that matters to you is that you hear someone (yourself) say it and that makes you feel better about being bald and your life being damaged. You are trying to talk yourself into believing that baldness isn’t a bad thing because facing the fact that your baldness has damaged your life profoundly is too painful for you to bear. You lie to yourself in a conscious effort to shelter yourself from the truth. You are trying to escape the pain that comes with knowing and accepting the truth.

You can’t take the truth so you lie to yourself in a conscious effort to hide from the truth.

It’s a stupid generalization to declare that hair does or doesn’t matter to women. It TOTALLY depends on the man (and the woman).

Look at Vin Diesel in that one movie where he had some hair. He would not be a star with hair.

Look at Johnny Depp in “Fear & Loathing”. He would not have been a star without hair.

You are confusing issues and you are getting on and off point.

We are mostly talking about whether or not women exclude bald men and you have somehow drifted the conversation over to whether or not Van Diesel and Johnny Depp could be actors with or without hair. There aren’t many of us here who are actors of importance so really your point about whether or not we could get certain acting roles does not really apply to many, if any, of us.

As far as the women go, almost all women exclude bald men and favor the men with hair. And this is an issue that affects nearly all of us here.

Dude, can you not see how that actor comparison I made is relevant?

The way women react to those guys has done to a lot to build both their acting careers.

Do you really think the vast majority of women dismiss a bald guy on sight?

The majority of women dismiss an unattractive guy on sight. Unattractive may or may not be bald. Depends on the guy.

A high Norwood level is never an asset. But it may do little or no damage if the guy already looks better with a shaved head than with hair.

But with other guys their hair is absolutely vital to looking good. Some guys really go from hot to creepy because of hair loss alone. For some guys, no amount of “hit they gym, shave your head, and get a tan” is going to make up for it.

Cal, you get me, I agree with what you said.

Of course it depends on the woman and on the man. But since I’ve been bald, I’ve met way more women who didn’t care about my baldness than those that did.
(I’m talking like 8 out of 10).

But it’s difficult to make losers like jarjar undestand it because they’d rather say “women won’t ever want me because I’m bald”, thus putting the blame for his lack of attractiveness on the women, rather than admit that HE is the one with the problem, and it’s not his baldness.

One final note for everybody, and this is the unquestionable truth:
ALL women, every single one of them, care much more about ATTITUDE than LOOKS.
You can be the most gorgeous guy in the room, but if you have no confidence the regular guy with the right attitude will steal all the female attention.

can all these guys who are feeding us one line after another about how cool they are being bald take a leave of absence from this thread.

i’d like to hear from actual hair loss sufferers on how they are coping instead of these cassanovas.


One can use various succefull tips to cope with hair loss problem. A balanced and healty diet results in long and shiny hair and by doing head massage using best hair loss products.

I don’t think there is any ’ coping up ’ with hair loss there is only one thing and that is called solution. That only an experienced doctor can give. I have contacts of so many hair transplant specialists who can do wonders on your head. Let me know if you guys need any help.

Freddie, I’m several decades into the fight and I have tried and done it all. "Hair “systems”, minoxidil, propecia, avodart, lasers, micro-needling, strip transplants, FUE transplants, supplements, and probably other things I’m forgetting. None of it has worked to such a degree that I have escaped being always somewhat self-conscious. Even though I have done and still do surprisingly well with women, all it takes is one person to glance at the top of my head when we’re talking to rattle me for months. So, I get where you’re coming from. Here are my thoughts:

  1. Baldness is not disfiguring. Don’t make it worse in your mind than it is. It’s already a disheartening enough thing to go through without making it sound like it will turn you into a monster. Don’t psych yourself out like that.
  2. I started my fight against hairloss when I was in my mid-20s. If I were in my mid-20s now and just starting the fight, I would just shave my head down to a #2 guard, grow a short beard (for some reason, hair on the face distracts from hairloss), use minoxidil, wash my hair with something like Pure Biology shampoo and conditioner, get as fit as I could, and wait for what’s coming from all of this research. I would LOVE to have that #2 guard look now. For me to even come close I would need to have my strip scars filled in (probably $3000 minimum) and have someone like Dr Cole break up my early, unnatural Bosley and NHI transplants into more natural looking patterns (probably around $15,000). So, 30 years later, after spending thousands upon thousands of dollars, I have to spend about $18,000 just to try to get something similar to what you might be able to pull off now for free with a haircut. That’s something to think about.
  3. I would NOT advise you to get a strip hair transplant like someone here has recommended a couple of times. If you’re determined to get a transplant, I would go to someone like Cole (he helped me disguise my early bad work behind his good work…but I only have so much hair to work with, so the results are imperfect). If you go to him, I would have him do a minimal amount of work to get you to a point where a #2 cut makes it look like you have hair (hair can be more sparse and still look full when it is cut short).

Those are my thoughts.

I’m lucky enough that I’ve retained most of my hair (I’m in my late 40s), though I have a receding hairline and a small bald-spot at the back of my head. I keep my hair about 3-4 inches long to cover up the thinner areas so it’s largely not that noticeable. I still have some good density in some areas.

However this is a huge change from my teens to 20’s. I used to have long thick wavy hair and yes it was one of my best features and it did attract attention from girls. I still get some interest from the opposite sex but not as much.

I’d really love to have my original head of hair back. I disagree with the others here, bald guys are not hot, they’re trying to make that a thing like with fat people being acceptable.

Sorry that’s the opposite of beauty. Yes if a guy was good-looking to start with, then he might look ok bald, but not having hair still makes a difference.

I’m not arguing with anyone just throwing out my opinion.

What do you mean when you say that hair loss is not a disfigurement? Do you know the meaning of the word “disfigurement”? Of course hair loss is a disfigurement.