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Hair transplant, Dr Mehmet Demircioglu

Before i start let me share with you all ,this was my second hair transplant .even it was my second time in Turkey it wasn’t easy to find the best clinic with the best results.
I am very pleased with my decision of doing my second hair transplant with Dr. Mehmet Demircioglu of Diamond hair clinic.
To start ,with i was planning to have my second hair transplant since beginning of this year as i noticed i lost a lot of hair from my crown area (almost bald). So i started my research ,even though i had my first hair transplant done in 2016 with Dr. Koray at Asmed, one of the reputated name in Hair transplan field .
In search of better option with better result that can suits my budget too.
I was somehow ok with the Dr. Koray results but wasnt happy with the post care .
Long story short i was looking for better clinic, during my search i contacted almost 20 clinics in Istanbul.
They all are offering me the price range of between 2000 Euro to 2700 Euro , but different numbers of grafts . Funny part is that they all asking me for the photos of my head from different angles and as soon as i sent the photos . Most of them came back staright away with the package and graft numbers just within few mins ,made me think is there real Doctor who looked at my photos or just assistant.
After more research and going through other people review i came to know in most of the cases Dr. Is not even involve in the surgery ,he doesnt even draw the hair line.i.e you paying for clinic and Doctor name but your transplant is being performed by assistant or trainees.

Anyhow i was impressed with some clinics when they came back to me and ask to send the photos of my head that wasnt took properly .it gave me the feel that atleast they look at my photo properly before deciding hiw many grafts i needed. It helped me to narrow down my search to few clinics .
I decided to use this covid situation to do my transplant as i am off from work. My search got intense and i start asking more and more questions to this hair transplant climics.
Finally i found two clinics where Dr. Performs the most important part of hair transplant( incisions).
Dr Cinik and Dr.Mehmet Demircioglu
I asked them to send me the details. After going through their packages , i found Dr. Cinik offeres me two kind of packages one where Doctor is involve (expensive one) and one without Doctor(Cheaper one)
Diamonr Hair climic offers only one package with 100% involvement of Dr. Mehmet Demircioglu.
The most important reason that help me to choose, Diamomd hair clinic for my second hair transplant is,
1.) they accept only one patient for a day .
2.) Dr. Mehmet Demircioglu performing the critical incisions part.
Once i contacted Diamond hair clinic ,for the booking . They respond me with the professional way and provided me all the details with the availiability.
I booked my spot for 6th of November 2020.
I reached on 5th of November ,Driver was waiting for me . He droped me to my hotel ,on the way he stopped in the supermarket as i wanted to buy some stuff.
On Morning of 6th November ,Driver picked me from the hotel around 7:30 am and took me to the Diamond hair clinic.
I was hopping some assistant will come and talk to me .
I was amazed ,Dr. Mehmet was there by himself . He took me into their cabin and we had long talk there. Where is clears all my doubts ,i was so pleased that Dr himself is there for me .
Once i was fully confident , Dr. Drew the hair line for my transplant ,he drew few times unless i was ok with that hair line.
He told me that he will use 4500 grafts from back of my head and 1000 grafts from my beard area as i already had one hair transplant before.
He explained me that with this many numbers of grafts he can cover the other part of the head where i loosing the hair aswell beside my crown area.
Was so good to see that Dr. Is involve so much and he is thinking as patient point of view.
After the hair line draw, i was taken to the operation room . Where Dr. Mehmet experianced and professional nurse took the Grafts.during all this time Doctor came so many time to check on me to make sure everything is going perfect.
After they took the grafts ,i had lunch in Doctors Cabin.
After lunch me and Dr. Mehmet went to operation room for incisions process . I was so happy that the whole process is performed by one and only Dr. Mehmet ,event though this process took several hours but it was all done by Doctor himself.
After incisions process ,Doctors team started planting process . As its a long process we took a break inbetween had the dinner and then finished the process . Cant believe we started 7:30 in morning and its nearly 2 am of next day and during all these long hours doctor was there.

After the transplant Dr. Mehmet and me sat in his office ,where he took my photos and discuss the post opertaions precautions . He asked me to rest next day and come for was the day after tomorrow .
He gave me his personal watts app number ( such a good feel) ,that means you can talk to doctor anytime if needed. Dont have to talk to nurse or assistants.
He advised me to send the photo of my head every day for first 10 days and then every week for first few months. After explaning the use of medication we finished our day it was nearly 2:30 am .
On 8th of November 2020 i came to Dr. Clinic for my first wash. Here again Dr. Mehmet washed my head and explained me the whole process .
He gone through again with all medications took my photo and gave me the final good bye.
Its already 5 days and i am talking to Dr.Mehmet everyday
In the end i just wanna say i am hoping for the best result and am sure i will get it. But so far i am very happy with my experiance with Dr. Mehmet and Diamond hair clinic, its worth every single penny.
I higly recommend Dr. Mehmet and Diamond hair clinic to my friends and family. I never seen doctor like Dr. Mehmet who was fully involved all the time during the transplant ,he cleared all my doubts in professional way. I liked the way he directly shares his number with patients so he can review the progress and provide the assistant if needed.
In the end i just wanna say ,if anyone looking for hair transplant without worrying much. Dr. Mehmet Demircioglu is your guy and Diamond hair clinic is your place in Turkey.

Is it true that Dr. Koray from Asmed is no longer a good choice for FUE in Turkey? I have read mixed reviews about his clinic or his work lately.

@Niki_Singh how many grafts did you get when you went to Dr. Koray at Asmed in 2016? There is another thread from someone who said Dr Koray would not do anything fewer than 5000 grafts.

Did you get to speak to Dr Koray during consultation or was it all done by his assistants? This is another thing I wanted to find out

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