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Hair Transplant Donor Scars Horror - GUESS! Who did this?


Depleted donor area

Case 1.

Case 2.

Case 3.

Case 4.

Case 5.

Case 6.

Case 7.

Case 8.

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Yikes, are all 8 cases from the same doctor?


No HMorHT, this is just the tip of the iceberg.
These are some of the “so called” plastic surgeons and dermatologists who believe hair transplant can be learnt in few day workshop or by watching youtube videos.
That is the reason for increasing bad publicity for the good HT doctors.

Remember case of Argentine http://www.hairsite.com/hair-loss/board_entry-id-42094-page-0-order-last_answer-category-2.html

Zayden http://www.hairsite.com/hair-loss/board_entry-id-42094-page-0-order-last_answer-category-2.html

A 35 from Europe

A 80 from USA

Dr. A


OMG !!! :open_mouth:


This is tragic! These are photos of Dr. Arvind’s repair patients?


Dr Arvind who created these scars ? Doctor or clinic name?


Dr. Arvind, have you successfully treated these patients? What do their donors look like now?


So who’s responsible for these results? Did these people all had work done in India or Turkish clinics?


Dear Lucky,
If you see the patient details, they have been operated by doctors from USA, Europe and various parts of the world. Good, as well as bad HT doctors abound in all nations.
Dr. A


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Dear Readers,

I cannot mention the names of doctors who did these - in fact I keep seeing such patients even now coming from all over the world, (Proof - see this recent testimonial )

This is all due to lack of proper training (PROOF - Bald people would have become volunteer patients to get hair transplant for free if advanced modern hair transplant were taught in any medical college).
Due to lack of regulation, any doctor can claim to be a hair transplant doctor.
Currently, most of these doctor learn hair transplant from-
a. Youtube videos
b. 2-3 days workshops
c. becoming a member of societies and needlessly spending a fortune roaming around the world to be able to see a glimpse of hair transplant surgery.

Therefore, we have decided to launch first of its kind “e-HAIR TRANSPLANT COURSE” along with the Hair Transplant Kit in few days, so doctors can learn the correct way to perform hair transplant on their smartphone.

As a first step, we are launching “e-OBSERVERSHIP COURSE” in last week of May 2018.
The video preview of this course is FREE.

Now, if a doctor wants to spend thousands of dollar in a 2-day workshop with hardly any proper training, he/she has a better alternative.

If anyone wants to ask about the hair transplant kit, its instruments, and e-observership, he/she can email us at contact@fusehair.com, fusehair1@gmail.com or call toll free at 1800112343.

Dr. A


hey dr Arvind have you ever used beard hair for eyebrow transplants if the patient has no donor left and a lot of scars




We can put grafts on eyebrow scars. The best-suited grafts to be used are either nape grafts or armpit or legs as they matched the characteristics in terms of caliber and diameter. But the growth phase will be as of original site and so needs to cut the grafts with time as they grow faster than the actual eyebrow grafts.


Another REPAIR CASE from France:
Please go through the pictures below to see the scalp donor scars

Extraction picture of wrongly placed grafts by Dr. A’s Clinic:


Oh God…
This is a serious issue.
**Another REPAIR case qualifies for worst of the worst case …we are getting multiple such cases every week since we started the repair initiative. It is disheartening that such wrong practice is being carried out worldwide… doctors refuse comprehensive training and in a lust for money just join any organization and learn from youtube.

Large post-operative scars and depleted SCALP DONOR (that is the worst loss - you can not transplant anyone else’s hair).
Even RENOWNED Doctors are not realising “the value of precious DONOR area” as you can see and guess in the pictures below (hope these are not again deleted by the admin.)

Doctors doing blind FUE and aggressively harvesting the donor area leaving patients with no options but to wear a wig.
This is a serious issue which is spreading a negative/ bad impression about good Hair Transplants.
Clear pictures speak for themselves. This patient underwent fue and strip at some other clinic (500 grafts free for anyone who guesses which clinic chain did this).

Now all he got can be seen in the pictures below - ZERO results and has to live a life wearing a wig.

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I can only see the bad photos but where are the photos after repair?


Please remember it takes time to repair.
For results of similar or worse cases go to results gallery of patient photo gallery


Please go through the link below:


Dear readers,
Here is another case.
See the results for yourself and the lack of results from untrained doctors… depleted donor, wrong angles, patchy areas of extraction
Pictures speak

More pictures and history of this patient to follow (again operated upon by a so called top rung ht doctor …if you wish my staff can get you in touch with him).

Dr. A