FREE Trailer of Dr. A's Hair Transplant E-Observership Course

Dear Readers,
There has been an influx of badly transplanted hair that you can see at this link .
This made me realize the importance of correct and comprehensive hair restoration training should be made available to doctors worldwide.

I cannot mention the names of doctors who did those horrible scars on the above link… in fact I keep seeing such patients even now coming from all over the world, (Proof - see this recent testimonial )

This is all due to lack of proper training (PROOF - Bald people would have become volunteer patients to get hair transplant for free if advanced modern hair transplant were taught in any medical college).
Due to lack of regulation, any doctor can claim to be a hair transplant doctor.
Currently, most of these doctor learn hair transplant from-
a. Youtube videos
b. 2-3 days workshops
c. becoming a member of societies and needlessly spending a fortune roaming around the world to be able to see a glimpse of hair transplant surgery.

Therefore, we have decided to launch first of its kind “e-HAIR TRANSPLANT COURSE” along with the Hair Transplant Kit in few days, so doctors can learn the correct way to perform hair transplant on their smartphone.

As a first step, we are launching “e-OBSERVERSHIP COURSE” in last week of May 2018.
The video preview of this course is FREE.

Dr. A

toll free: 1800112343

LOL, say what? people learn how to do hair transplant on youtube?

Yes unfortunately they do so Norwood 3.
Dr. A

The video is very nicely done, professional but it doesn’t really tell exactly what it is that you are offering, is your clinic offering distance learning via video tutorial ?

Many of the doctors spend a fortune on 2-4 day workshops.
So, the observership course will teach them how to do correct hair transplant in detail in their home.

Yes, we are offering distance learning via video tutorial.

Dr. A’s Clinic

Dear LIG,
Even the trailer is better than what they see on youtube and animations even.

And because it is a trailer not the complete course. Just like in movies…the mystery is never revealed totally in a trailer :slight_smile:
Dr. A

Dr Arvind does someone have to be a medical doctor to take the course?

Dear Omar,
Its an e observership course so anyone can see it. You can not perform a hair transplant but you will be well equipped in what to look for in your potential doctor’s ability and no sales rep will be able to dupe you.
Dr A

Dear LIG,
Yes,we are offering online learning program with video tutorials and online interaction.
Dr. A

No, one does not need to be a doctor to take the course. The course is educational to non doctors, prospective patients, technicians also. Of course, completing the course doesn’t mean any non physician is deemed capable of performing hair transplant (who performs HT is subject to the rules of the country or state).

i am a mbbs doctor andbreally intrested in your course can u let me know how to contact u

The importance of detailed training can not be overemphasised.
We had posted a thread regarding repair cases where we saw completely unacceptable results and scarring.
Please note that the patients on the thread had been operated upon by plastic surgeons or dermatologists, (most of the patients having been operated in North America).
View the pictures of the cases at Hair Transplant Donor Scars Horror - GUESS! Who did this? - #21 by Dr_Arvind

LINK to older post

If only the doctors seriously take time to respect and properly learn the ART of hair transplant.

Such bad outcomes are proof of how simple newbie doctors seem to think HT does not require lengthy training in latest techniques and instruments.

All the more reason why we wish to disseminate correct training to desirous people.

Hi I am a doctor myself and u have seen your results I am interested in this course what are these charges and way of contacting you

Thanks Arpit_Singhal and Pratyush_kumar ,

The hair transplant course is affordable, comprehensive and flexible apart from being online.

Our aim is, unlike pre corona days, in post Corona times, there should be ample availability of correctly trained doctors in almost every city of India and abroad.
You may email us at .
In case of any difficulty, please do not hesitate to contact me through facebook (arvind poswal) .

Dr. A

P.S. - Our primary aim through this course is not to commercialize training but rather to set the gold standard for training .

Thankyou I wil be calling you shortly