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Hair growth cells AND the genes that could adversely affect them

Hair cells escaping from the follicles might be the cause of hair loss and the genes that cause hair cells to escape from the follicles may have been identified.

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Yes. I have been following this.
Anti-ageing medicine has a lot to offer for hairloss.
Initial reports about fisetin and NMN are very encouraging. These medicines can effect the hair follicles at the genetic level, thus, addressing the root cause of pattern hairloss.

We encourage our patients to read up about these.
Dr A

If this is the case in humans as well, it may lead to a revolutionary treatment, maybe some kind of gene therapy.

Speaking of this, one thing we still don’t know about Stemson is, do the new follicles they create have a bulge filled with stem cells? Or since they are “lab grown follicles”, maybe they don’t have a bulge? If they don’t, then that might mean they don’t cycle regularly. In other words, they might only be good for a few years before the hairs fall out and new follicles have to be implanted. It would be nice to learn about this from Stemson.

What is NMN?

Nicotinamide mononucleotide, a “growth factor” (see below)

NOTE: I’m very skeptical about any talk about “growth factors”, especially when a HT surgeon starts touting them. They love this kind of stuff, because it’s just one more thing they can offer to enrich their practices. Stuff like this costs almost nothing for them to buy (or very little) but they could potentially offer it at a HUGE inflated markup, like “$800 for a session of scalp injections” for which the product used costs only something like $75-125 for them to buy (just giving examples). That’s why HT surgeons jump on stuff like this immediately and start laying the groundwork by touting it all over the place. I guess they’re all hoping this will be the next PRP…minimal to no results, but massive profits for the HT doctors!

ANOTHER NOTE: The article you posted @jarjarbinx, has nothing to do with NMN and hair growth factor cocktails, but here we have an HT doc (or someone from an HT practice) touting these things in this thread, as if there’s any connection. Just an example of how they start sowing the seeds early so they can lure in customers later.

Background: Growth Factor Cocktail (GFC), which contains growth factors and cytokine, has been gradually gaining attention as a new treatment for hair loss. Several studies reported the effectiveness of GFC on hair regrowth via microneedles; however, studies regarding formulations with fibroblast growth factor 5 short (FGF5s) and nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) have not been conducted.

Objective: This study aimed to investigate the effect of treatment with microneedle technology by adding FGF5s and NMN to GFC in patients with androgenetic alopecia (AGA).

Dear sir,
Its nice to hear about the positive outcomes of the Anti-ageing medicine. Any hair patient would be interested to know , where these medicines available , approximate cost of the medicine, course duration of medicine, expected results, side effects ?
Apart from it , hair patient would also be interested to see the comparative pic of hairs results, published in any research article.

We would like to hear more on this topic.

As I said Nitesh, these supplements and medicines are helping many.
But at this stage, I recommend that one read up on the latest experiences.
The best way is to read up the research articles available online.
We will, of course, be posting updates and case studies.
Dr A

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