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E-Mail About Acell Sent to Doctors with List of Contacted Doctors



Here is the final copy of the e-mail that I am going to send to hair transplant doctors with a list of doctors that I am going to contact. I thought it would be best to list it under a new thread. Lets hope for the best!!!

Feel free to copy this version, make admendments to it, or develop one of your own to send to HT doctors. I would appreciate your help in sending the e-mail to as many doctors as possible.

P.S. Check the e-mail for spacing before you send it. When I copy and paste it to this site, it changed the spacing. Also, make sure to include the correct doctor’s name…when you’re sending many out, it can get easy to mix them up.


Dear Dr.(Doctor’s Name)

I am a prospective hair transplant patient currently researching all of the options available in the hair restoration market. I’ve been considering a transplant for several years and am amazed at the near perfect results that skilled surgeons such as you have been able to achieve. The only reason I have not proceeded with the surgery is the obvious limiting factor of available donor hair. Although several doctors in the field have incredible “artistic ability” in reproducing natural results, they are limited by the amount of donor hair that each patient has available. Due to this fact, HT doctors often times cannot truly provide the “full head of hair” that their patients desire. I believe that this is a reason why many people (myself included) choose not to have a hair transplant.

Recently, in researching hair restoration on a website called Hairsite, I’ve been informed of a company named Acell. This company has developed a product called an extracellular matrix that is amazing in it’s capabilities for regeneration. It has been used extensively in vet. medicine for wound care but has recently been released for human use. In previous cases (in vet medicine), the Acell material not only regenerated the skin tissue of a wounded animal but also REGENERATED THE HAIR in the wounded area. If this can be replicated in humans, it would solve the limiting factor of donor hair in regards to a hair transplant. That is, the doctor could perform a conventional hair transplant, apply the Acell extracellular matrix to the wound (rather than stitching it up) and allow the tissue AND HAIR to regenerate, thus providing a LIMITLESS DONOR SUPPLY. I have since had several conversations with Acell and they have informed me that they are confident that the extracellular matrix will be capable of doing this. If this does prove to be the case, hair transplant doctors will finally be able provide the full head of hair that their patients seek, thus opening a WHOLE NEW MARKET OF PROSPECTIVE PATIENTS.

The Acell extracellular matrix comes in a powder form as well as a sheet form. The powder form would most likely accomodate HT doctors performing a procedure utilizing FUE whereas the sheet form would be best for doctors performing strip surgery.

Here are some pictures of tissue regeneration (WITH HAIR):







Here is a great video to watch (HUMAN USE):


Here is a link to the company:


What’s even more exciting is the fact that this product is already on the
market and shipments have been sent to several progressive hair transplant doctors. I believe that there is a need for more skilled doctors to bridge the gap between this technology and the hair transplant community. I hope you will play a vital role in doing so.

Your Name

This is the list of Doctors that I will e-mail the letter about Acell. I will start contacting them on 7/30 and hope that some of them may be interested in Acell. It would be great if some of the other forum members did a search in their area and contacted doctors in their area about Acell.

Here is the final list (who I will contact):

1 Dr. Arvind

2 Dr.Hasson & Wong

3 Dr. Alvi Armani

4 Dr. Rahal

5 Dr. Bisanga

6 Dr. Umar

7 Dr. Woods

8 Dr. Cole

9 HDC Medical Trichology Center

10 Dr. Mwamba

11 Dr. Shapiro

12 Dr. Carl Bazan

13 Dr. Coen Gho

14 Dr. Matt Leavitt (Medical Hair Restoration)

15 NuHart Hair Clinic

16 Global Hair Institute

17 Dr. Bauman


19 Affordable Hair Transplants

20 Dr. Paul McAndrews

21 Dr. Paul Rose

22 Norwood and Lehr

23 Dr. True (True and Dorin)

24 Dr. Dorin (True and Dorin)

25 AstheticMd

26 Gardel Hair Restoration

27 American Hair Institute

28 Bosley

29 David Flodine (Dr. Brandy)

30 Mr. DeCarlo (Hairclub)

31 Hair Transplant Center, Inc.

32 Le Visage

33 Dr. Feller (Feller Medical)

34 Dr. Greco

35 Dr. Batra’s clinics in India

36 Dr. De Reys

37 Huge list of doctors from the 2008 Berlin Hair Stem Cell Workshop

38 Dr Bernstein Medical

39 FUE Hairtransplant GmbH - Hamburg / Germany

40 Dr. Bradley Wolf (Cincinnati, Ohio)

41 Dr. Angela Woods Campbell

42 Dr. Nader

43 Dr. Jones

44 Dr. Joseph M. Serletti (Chief of Plastic Surgery - University of Penn)

45 Dr. Joseph Gallagher

46 The American Hair Loss Council

47 Dr. Stoller

48 American Hair Loss Association

49 Dr. Koher

50 Dr. Mark Albert



I could use some help in getting the word out about Acell. Many have added names to the e-mail list…and I really appreciate that. I am going to start contacting those doctors today. I will send the above letter to the above doctors but would like to contact as many doctors as possible about this product.

It would REALLY help if you guys did search (in your area) for HT doctors and sent them information about Acell. If everyone in this forum sends (via e-mail) this letter to 5-10 doctors in their area, can you imagine how many doctors we can reach. I would imagine that there are at least 50-100 members that read the research forum. With those numbers, we could easily reach 500-1000 doctors. Obviously, I can’t do it alone. I can’t search every area for doctors names and I don’t have the time to send out that many e-mails. So, if we all pitch in a little bit, we can get ALOT done.

In the process of contacting doctors, I suggest that you copy the letter (e-mail sent to doctors) into your e-mail, add the doctor’s name to the top (where it says (doctor’s name)) and put your name at the bottom (where it says (your name)). If you don’t actually have a doctor’s name, just put “To Whom It May Concern”. If you don’t want to use the letter that we have created here, just come up with one of your own.

Take Care,

P.S. It would be great if you would commit to this and post a reply to this saying so. It be great if you would reply stating that you will e-mail a few doctors in your area and where you live. This would help to give us some idea of how many doctors were contacted about Acell and in what areas. THIS IS THE ADVANTAGE OF A GROUP AND HOW WE CAN WORK TOGETHER TO TRY TO HELP OURSELVES.



I can understand the questions that you have about about Acell. I think that we all feel the same way…the pictures look promising and the story about the finger regrowth is remarkable, but we are afraid to get to get our hopes too high (only to be let down again).

At this point, it is time to do our part. I’ve posted above that the members of this forum could be a huge help by searching for HT doctors in their area and sending the stock e-mail to them. Most of the work is already done, all you have to do is:

  1. Find 5-10 doctor’s e-mail addresses in your area

  2. Copy and Paste the stock e-mail to your outgoing e-mail box

  3. Make the few changes need in the e-mail (Doctor’s name and your name)

  4. Send the e-mails

I want to do this because I want to make SURE that all of the possible protocols for the use of Acell are attempeted to see which one works best. I’m afraid that if only a few doctors try Acell (and make any mistakes in the best possible use of the extracellular matrix) and don’t get the results that we think may be possible, that the project will be “scrapped”. In other words, I’m afraid that Acell may be given FALSE NEGATIVE results if misused. I really don’t think that this will happen, but I’d rather be safe than sorry and the best way to do so would be to have as many HT doctors as possible try it.

Furthermore, if it does work, you’ll be glad that HT doctors in your area are using the product. This may give you more options as to who would do your surgery.

Take Care,


Hello Bill,

First of all I would like to thank you for what you are doing. You are one of the most proactive members of this forum. Most of the people that read hairsite prefer to sit back and wait for a miracle cure. That’s crazy!

here’s somebody you could send the email to Email accounts: plsanti@unige.it or plsanti@yahoo.com

These are the email accounts of Pierluigi Santi in Italy. You pretty much covered all the doctors that I knew. With the exception of Bosley I think you managed to come up with a list that comprises the best of the best.

Thanks again and fingers crossed


It’s sent.


» It’s sent.

Thank you Willy!


Yes. A thank you is in order. Thank you, Willy. And a big thank you to all who have been so proactive about pursuing this amazing opportunity.


» Yes. A thank you is in order. Thank you, Willy. And a big thank
» you to all who have been so proactive about pursuing this amazing
» opportunity.


how about including Dr Ron Shapiro out of Minneapolis, Minnesota? he has been recognized as one of the best transplant doctors in the world. he is also a nice and truthful guy (I met him once and he was honest about what he could do for me, a good frontal hairline but not the greatest for the back).

from what i understand he was one of the first to start doing Follicular Unit Hair Transplants which he began teaching to other doctors…and that means he is progressive.

http://www.shapiromedical.com/index.htm info@ShapiroMedical.com

also, i don’t get a lot of time to read the boards but what happened to john the revelator and james bond? i haven’t seen anything from them in a long time and it seemed they really knew what was going on.



I will send it to him too.



it seems strange to me that doctors need so much months to test Acell, what they need? just the first patient and apply acell, stop. If a finger was regrow back in 4 weeks, this means that hair will regrow(if it works) in some weeks, dr jones have got acell’s powder since some weeks if I am not wrong, he should know now if it works or not.






» 1787_file2.flv1787_file1.mpeg


» »
» 1787_file2.flv1787_file1.mpeg

I can see the video but have no sound. What are they saying?







If there was I am certain Dr Jones would have informed hairsite already.


Can you tell me if you have received a response from Ray Woods? I am not asking you to tell me what he said,I just want to know if he responded.I saw your email address somewhere on this forum,if you like I can email you & you can answer to this privately if you do not want to discuss it here.


» Can you tell me if you have received a response from Ray Woods? I am not
» asking you to tell me what he said,I just want to know if he responded.I
» saw your email address somewhere on this forum,if you like I can email you
» & you can answer to this privately if you do not want to discuss it here.
» Thanks.

No, Dr. Woods did not reply. Remember, Dr. Jones did not reply either, but still is testing with Acell. I’m not trying to imply that Dr. Woods is experimenting with Acell, I’m just pointing out the fact that just because a doctor didn’t reply to my e-mail doesn’t indicate whether they are / are not interested in Acell.