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A total of 10 hairs were plucked from a donor area from a subject. The plucked hairs were stored in autologous activated PRP. Subsequently, the plucked hairs were incised 4 times along the longitudinal axis. The incised hairs were then covered and impregnated with autologous hydrogel of PRP and enriched activated thrombin which resulted in incised hairs covered in autologous activated PRP. The 10 hairs were subsequently implanted in a recipient area of said subject. It was found that about 3-5 new hairs were formed per implanted plucked and incised hair. It was also found that at the donor area from which the hairs were plucked, new hairs grew.

In a parallel experiment, the same experimental procedure was repeated, except that the 10 plucked hairs were incised 7 times along their longitudinal axis. The 10 hairs were then subsequently implanted in a recipient area of said subject. It was found that about 7-10 new hairs were generated per implanted plucked and incised hair. It was also found that at the donor area from which the hairs were plucked, new hairs grew.


Yeeeehhhaaaawwww. This is it. GO GHO GO

Holy smoke! It’s not a perfect solution but it’s a solution for anyone with serious cash!
If you have 100K to spare, then you could essentially go from a N7 to N3 maybe N2…?

Gho has been crying wolf about succeeding at HM for most of the last 20 years. But he has still not produced any unprecedented restorations yet.

Evidence of something working on a small scale has never been the problem. What he has always failed to do is deliver it practically in the real world. He doesn’t get any more benefit-of-the-doubt on that.

unprecedented restorations = progress

no unprecedented restorations = no progress

Strange development. It’s one thing to claim you can double hair and provide no evidence but to claim you can multiply hair by a factor of 10, that’s a whole new level. I don’t know if he’s going full-Nigam with the outrageous claims but it won’t be easy for him to bs his way out of this.

Somehow I doubt Gho is going to be offering such a procedure in his clinic any time soon, especially when their HST procedure, which would be “simple” doubling by comparison, is so unrefined. My guess is that he’s going to use this for marketing and maybe patent trolling when a procedure like this becomes feasible in the future.

Either way, the patent doesn’t really mean anything. If Gho wants to prove this works, a very simple 1-10 graft test would suffice. It would be almost impossible to fake, unlike a potential doubling procedure where you could hypothetically just split hair units up.

I do notice a trend lately where clinics and their representatives are making bold, unsubstantiated claims to drum up interest. Everybody saw how far Nigam went with it. Now you see it with a few others who keep bringing up “ACell” and “regenerative medicine.” Unfortunately, you can’t call them out on it on some of these forums without being censored.

Really curious to see where this all goes and what the hell Gho is intending to do by claiming to have the cure for baldness :lol2:

Can we get Nigam or another doctor to try the same?

Where is the proof? Pictures? Nothing new here!

[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by superhl[/postedby]
Where is the proof? Pictures? Nothing new here![/quote]

That’s why I asked if we can get other doctors to try the same and see if they come up with similar results.

After giving it second look I agree that this is a pretty bold claim. It’s also pretty easy to test. Either it works or it doesn’t, there is not a lot of room for “you just didn’t do it quite right” and “we’re not entirely sure what the growth rate was.”

Is this a new thing? Is Gho talking big & loud about it?

Or is this just another of his many patents & claims on the pile? In the last 15+ years he has rarely gone more than a couple years between claims that he is succeeding at some form of HM or another.

I agree, it would be nice if some other HT docs would test this. Either it works and we’re saved, or at least we can call bullsh*t on him.

Something to consider is this. I know in the US you don’t have to prove anything in order to get a patent. A patent in America is simply an idea that might or might not work. Therefore if it does work in the future then the patent holder will get paid. Im not sure how it works in Europe, but the term “patent” is misunderstood. It certainly doesn’t mean that he has achieved this or can prove it, only that he thought that if you do these steps and it works you will pay him.

That is what I’m getting at. Is this something he is seriously pushing lately, or just another patent on the pile?

[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by cal[/postedby]
That is what I’m getting at. Is this something he is seriously pushing lately, or just another patent on the pile?[/quote]

He’s claiming directly in the patent that at this very moment he’s able to take a single hair follicle and multiply it by a rate of up to 10x. There’s nothing ambiguous about it at all.

Given that he’s making those statements right now in a legal document, I think he should be held accountable. Proving something like that is very simple. Just extract a single follicle and see how many functioning hairs can be derived from that same follicle. There is absolutely no justifiable reason why he shouldn’t be able to prove this claim right now.

Just like Nigam, Gho will have to provide evidence or be totally discredited. There’s only so many unsubstantiated claims you can make and with the latest patent, it’s finally time to put an end to it.

I agree, a person should be held accountable for saying something so straightforward. But people file patents that don’t work all day long.

I don’t think Gho’s reputation in the MPB community will take any real damage unless he is literally telling people this works as well as the patent makes it sound.

Claiming to turn one hair into 10 is a cure! We would have an endless supply. He will have to make me a believer though.

I have always liked Dr Gho and his attempts have been sincere. I would agree that 1 hair into 10 would be a huge success and even considered a cure to baldness. Im hoping he can actually do this successfully

When did he actually file for this patent?

If it’s 5 years old then I think we can safely discount it as bullsh*t.

This doesn’t appear to be a granted patent… I will check.

First, this appears to be only a patent application with the World Intellectual Property Organization, not an actual patent which has been granted.

Second, it looks like the “priority data” from this came from 2012, although the application was filed in 2013. Here is the timetable showing the status of the application and its publication:


Third, as several people have mentioned, having a patent or a patent application doesn’t mean the procedure actually works. In fact these agencies like USPTO, European Patent Office and WIPO have very little involvement in assessing whether or not a patent works. All they are required to do is to make sure the invention, technique or idea is unique and doesn’t infringe on prior patent claims by others or “prior art” that has been published or made public. That’s a completely different question than whether it works or not.

There are many, many inventions and ideas which have been granted patents by patent examiners which don’t work at all – like the many “perpetual motion machines” or devices which claim to create energy or power batteries out of thin air.

My guess is that this patent application is based on something Gho has seen in his many attempts to develop a HM procedure, but it’s probably based on the best of the best case scenarios from his work.

For instance, if Gho has tried say, 100 or so of these procedures, and it works on 3 patients and completely fails on the other 97, he’s going to report it as a success for the sake of his patent application, because that would “lock in” the technique, for what it’s worth, as his own intellectual property, and then he’d be free to “perfect” it, which might take, say 10 years. But in his mind, he’s still the owner of the idea.

And by the way, we haven’t even seen that it works on 3 patients, or even 1. Maybe it’s only worked on portions of some patient’s scalps.

I’m not even going to get into the fact that in the EU, you cannot patent a “method for the treatment of a human animal or body by surgery or therapy…” See page 3 of this document, and thousands of other references on the internet:


This WIPO patent app is NOT a European patent app (with the European Patent Office) in Vienna… It’s a patent application with the WIPO, the global intellectual property body, which doesn’t really have jurisdiction in member countries and doesn’t supersede their laws.

But Dr. Gho loves to file patents, it’s how he rolls, so he filed this one anyway…

I’m chalking this up to another one of Gho’s fantasy patents, unless there is any specific evidence to the contrary.

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