Baldness discovery paints molecule as potent stimulator of new hair growth

It time to end hair loss. With all the advances in medicine this may be the answer. Hope they start clinical trials soon!!!
Signaling molecule potently stimulates hair growth: SCUBE3 identified as possible therapeutic treatment for androgenetic alopecia – ScienceDaily

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They are getting closer! Team discovers signaling molecule that potently stimulates hair growth

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Yes hopefully it works…but over the decades I’ve seen promising tech fizzle out so I’m always a bit cautious.

I figure we’re in the 2020s, medical science should be better than ever now, maybe we’re close to a cure.

Lately it seems like every direction you hear something concerning hair loss. Maybe the slap paid off!

very upbeat news, Exciting !

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I wonder if it’s possible to get SCUBE3 now or do we have to wait years until researchers take it through studies?

is it a topical, a pill, cell therapy or something else? It is not clear how the treatment is done.

SCUBE3 is an endogenous TGF-β receptor ligand and regulates the epithelial-mesenchymal transition in lung cancer - PubMed)

IIt seems they are working in the right direction, if it is not this time, it will be …sometime

Resveratrol and a\fisetin act in a similar manner.

did you guys see this from Dr. Arvind’s ? Misleading to call it gene therapy?

Why do we call this Gene Therapy?!

FDA definition
"Human gene therapy seeks to modify or manipulate the expression of a gene or to alter the biological properties of living cells for therapeutic use ".

We are not offering Gene protein injections, vector based gene injection or gene editing.
That will come later.
But we are changing the Gene expression of TERT.

Resveratrol and Fisetin do modify Gene expression to increase TERT.

(In coming time, there may be even more delivery mechanisms of gene therapy).

I hope that helps clear the matter reg why this is Gene therapy.

Carle Illinois Student’s Research Reveals Signaling Molecule as Key to Activating Hair Regrowth - Carle Illinois College of Medicine

Hi Dr. A:

Sorry if I missed it in a video you posted, but are you adding fisetin and resvertrol directly to the scalp and then micro needling, or are you having people take those supplements orally and micro needling? I have been combining those supplements with propecia in a mortar and pestle and applying it with minox foam after micro needling.

We use a proprietory formulation made by Dr Poswal.
The various compounds are made into a solution form before applying (to avoid granuloma formation and to improve absorption).
The primary formulation carries Resveratrol and Grapeseed extract.

NMN, Fisetin etc., are used only in special cases and not in a home use formulation.

Since when are you applying and what has been your experience?

haha jarjarbinx still at it, is he? Well SCUBE3 is readily accessible. There are some self experiments going on on reddit for example. No conclusive pictures or anything yet. I don’t feel qualified to assess the dangers of self experimentation with SCUBE3 as it has some links to cancer and the likes, I would love to hear some qualified opinions on the risks related to self administration.

they experimented with microinjections in mice with transplanted human dormant hair follices.

Definitely the most exciting development in the space that I have seen in the past decades.

So you think it might be dangerous so you want other people to try it so they can report back to you about it. Same old hairman. Always scamming on people.