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Ass bald guy reverses baldness - real or snake oil?


Hi Kevin, congrats, your before and after is remarkable. What made you decide to use Silica ? I have never heard of Silica for hair loss until now. I consider myself a Norwood3 so seeing your video gives me hope :slight_smile:


Kevin, I want to say that I believe you and your account, too. It makes sense, and I felt you were authentic when I first saw your video. Thank you for coming here, man, and helping our group!

I have a few questions:

1) When did your hair loss start, and for how long had it been progressing when you started using this regimen?

  1. What was the total elapsed time from when you had a full head of hair (initially) until the time you had lost most of it (in the Norwood 6 pattern, as in your “before” photos)?

  2. Where did you get the idea of taking Silica pills from?

The Silica part is the only item in your regimen which puzzles me. Silica capsules or pills are normally pretty inert, in that they don’t react biochemically with much in your body. (Meaning the Silica enters and exits your body unchanged). Silica is basically the same as the main component in sand. I am thinking, though, if it’s contributing at all to the success of your regimen, it might be acting as an “inert catalyst”, like a substrate which facilitates other reactions but doesn’t directly take part in them.

Thanks for your answers!


He only tried finasteride for 6 months before adding silica. Fin takes at least 6 months for most men and can take up to 2 years to notice visible improvement. I say it is still fin that is causing it.


So, what exactly are we going on, that this is promising at all?

Run it by me, I’m having trouble seeing the evidence.


Hi Roger,

As I mentioned in the video, I started losing hair when I was 21. By the time I got married in 2009, I completely stopped using everything and within a year I almost went completely bald. Throughout the hair loss process before I found my solution, I was able to slow down the hair loss process by using many different hair products. But it seems like I cannot stop it and I was going bald slowly day by day. That’s why I decided to stop using it altogether once I got married.

I was introduced to Silica by my brother. I havent really done much research on Silica but it’s just hair vitamin I think, I dont know if this is a major factor of the combination but it works well so far.

To answer question about Finasteride, I was using finasterdie with rogain before I found my solution way back in 2007-2009 I believe. I never really got the result I wanted so I stopped using it. I don remember how long I used it for, but it was somewhere between 6mo-1yr.


[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by Kevng8322[/postedby]
Hi Roger,

As I mentioned in the video, I started losing hair when I was 21. By the time I got married in 2009, I completely stopped using everything and within a year I almost went completely bald. [/quote]

OK, thanks Kevin – but I think I’m still missing something in the time line.

You said you started losing hair when you were 21, then you got married in 2009 (about 4 years ago) and then within a year you were “almost completely bald” (let’s call this NW 6).

May we ask what is your present age? (I think I missed this somewhere). That would help us put all these events into time perspective.

Basically can you just give a simple time line like this:

Date started losing hair ------> Date reached NW6 status --------> Date started CURRENT regimen ------> Date you had regained all (or practically all) of your hair back.

So that’s 4 approximate dates.

All the other information on events – e.g., when you started and ended using regimens that you found didn’t work – is not really necessary.



[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by Kevng8322[/postedby]
Have you seen the video? I’m not just using Silica tablets. I’m using a combination of 4 products combined.[/quote]

hi man,
first of all, thanks for taking the time to answer us and posting a vidéo on the internet. I hope you’re not a scäm, otherwise the FBI and the CIA will come after you :smiley:

Anyway :

Q. Can you post your regimen in details ? I know you have talked about it in the video, but could it be possible for you to me more precise about it. E.g :

  • list of products (include brand names so we can see the exact ingredients)
  • daily routine

Thanks for your time. Cool story.


I started my regimen in June 2012, that is when I was at NW6. By November 2012, I was able to regain about 30-40 of my hair back. I’m 29 so you can do the math from there. There will be a video of solid proofs soon. This video will show video footage of when I was bald and it will talk about the time frame.


New video posted, please check it out.


Great work. The last video says it all.


Interesting! I also went bald at a young age, i’m 28 and my hairloss kind of pretty much looks like yours before you got it back.

Did you get sides of propecia?

And what is the exact regimen you used to get that 30% growth back in the first place?

Cheers bezzzo


That’s really useful video! I’ve found great remedies for hair loss remedies which is actually grows human hair like Nioxin is worked very well for hair problem like hair loss or baldness but i find it expensive but when i found Reloxe too they have similar effects and its affordable too.Everyone may encounter like this kind of problem and its hassle because it’s very embarrassing especially for women.


[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by Kevng8322[/postedby]
The list is correct except for the last ingredient, it’s lodopropynyl Butylcarbanate. If you’re able to find a product with similar ingredients, let me know, because Scalpmed is quite expensive. I have not done any research on what product gives you the same ingredients as Scalp Med’s Nutrisol so as of right now I cannot find a substitute for it. Thanks.[/quote]

A little break down of Nutrisol: What the Ingredients are and where you can find them. (From just basic google research)

Deionized water:

Deionized Water (We call it “DI water” in the chemistry labs) is just what it sounds like: Water that has the ions removed. Tap water is usually full of ions from the soil (Na+, Ca2+), from the pipes (Fe2+, Cu2+), and other sources. Water is usually deionized by using an ion exchange process.

Where to get it: Supermarket


Is a simple polyol compound. It is a colorless, odorless, viscous liquid that is widely used in pharmaceutical formulations. Glycerol has three hydroxyl groups that are responsible for its solubility in water and its hygroscopic nature. The glycerol backbone is central to all lipids known as triglycerides. Glycerol is sweet-tasting and of low toxicity.

Where to get it: Glycerine is the same as glycerol or glycerin. It’s found in the baking aisle of your supermarket or at the pharmacy.


Polysorbate 80 is an excipient that is used to stabilize aqueous formulations of medications for parenteral administration, and used as an emulsifier in the manufacture of the popular anti-arrhythmic amiodarone.[5] It is also used as an excipient in some European and Canadian influenza vaccines.[6] It is also used in the culture of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Middlebrook 7H9 broth.

Where to get it: You can buy this from soap supply shops.


Simply put, retinol, is just another name for vitamin A. Retinol has gotten a good deal of attention in the world of skin care, and in fact, is one of the most well-researched skin-care ingredients. Why? Because research clearly shows that retinol has multiple benefits for skin.

“Retinol is an extremely effective cell-communicating ingredient, which means it can literally connect to almost any skin cell and tell it to behave like a healthy, younger skin cell”

Where to get it: Supermarket, Chemist/Drug store.

Sabal Serrulata, Beta-sitosterol:

Sabal Serrulata is just Saw Palmetto.

Beta-sitosterol: a chemical present in Saw Palmetto extract.

Saw Palmetto is also used for Inhibition of both forms of 5-alpha-reductase with no reduction in cellular capacity to secrete prostate-specific antigen is indicated. Possibly making it a healthy alternative to Propecia… but i guess that’s up for you guys to debate.

Where to get it: Supermarket or any health store.


Panthenol is the alcohol analog of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5)

In cosmetics, panthenol is a humectant, emollient and moisturizer. It binds to the hair shaft readily and is a frequent component of shampoos and hair conditioners (in concentrations of 0.1-1%). It coats the hair and seals its surface[citation needed], lubricating the hair shaft and making strands appear shiny

How to turn Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) into Liquid Panthenol.

Where to get it: Supermarket or health store, Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5)

Cystine, Biotin

Cystine: is a crystalline, sulfur-containing amino acid, formed from two molecules of the amino acid cysteine. It can be converted to cysteine by reduction and was discovered in 1810 but was not recognized as a component of proteins until 1899, when it was isolated from animal horn – it is particularly abundant in skeletal and connective tissues, hair and digestive enzymes

Required for proper vitamin B6 utilization and is also helpful in the healing of burns and wounds, breaking down mucus deposits in illnesses such as bronchitis as well as cystic fibrosis.

Cysteine also assists in the supply of insulin to the pancreas, which is needed for the assimilation of sugars and starches. It increases the level of glutathione in the lungs, liver, kidneys and bone marrow, and this may have an anti-aging effect on the body by reducing age-spots etc. It has been shown as a detoxification agent to protect the body against damage of alcohol and cigarette smoking, and may be effective in preventing hangovers, as well as preventing liver and brain damage. = Good sh*t

Biotin: is sometimes referred to as Vitamin H and coenzyme R. This valuable vitamin is vitamin B7. Discovered almost seventy years ago, biotin has been found to have many roles in our body. It is one of eight vitamins that comprise vitamin B complex. This group is known for stimulating the liver, hair, eyes, skin and nerves

This powerful vitamin supplement is used by people with brittle nails, diabetes, weak hair, slow growing hair and other conditions. It is so useful because it promotes health of cells, metabolism, skin, nerves and your digestive tract. In some cases it has been used for treatment of nerve pathology. Peripheral neuropathy can be the result of diabetes or kidney failure and has been found to respond to biotin.

Where to get it: Supermarket and health stores

Definitely take this link amazon into consideration, it’s a combination of Bioton, Slilica and cystine. The are 9 reviews mostly from women saying how significantly it has improved their hair growth, thickness and overall health as well as their nails, they swear by it.

DMDM Hydantoin

Dimethylol dimethyl hydantoin (DMDM hydantoin), is a common preservative ingredient found in cosmetics production, construction materials, and household products

READ: The biggest concern that DMDM Hydantoin carries is that it can release or be contaminated with the carcinogen formaldehyde. It actually works as a preservative by releasing formaldehyde. It is also a strong skin, eye, and lung irritant. It has also been known to trigger an immune response that can include burning, itching, blistering, or scaling of skin.

Where to get it : http://www.personalformulator.com/wvss/product_info.php?products_id=328

Iodopropynyl butylcarbamate (IPBC):

Is a water-based preservative agent originally used in the wood and paint industries, now also used in some cosmetics and personal care formulations. IPBC is a member of the carbamate family of biocides. Use is restricted in some countries due to its toxicity, especially acute inhalation toxicity. IPBC is also becoming recognized as a contact allergen.

Where to get it: Not sure, you’ll have to do some more digging. Seems hard to come by because of it’s toxicity.


Anyway, there you have it surely you could make it Nutrisol cheaper yourself or even just implement the useful ingredients in a different regimen.

No, i don’t know what dosages to take, how to mix it all properly and so on. This is just a guide to know what the ingredients are and where to get them.

So use it at your own risk if you intend to make your own version on Nutrisol.

Yes a lot of this was copied and pasted from various sites, anyone from these sites wishing to complain about me copying and pasting their material can kindly go F*ck themselves, peace!

Bez :slight_smile:




Hi Bezzo,
Check out my first video for more information. The link is on the bottom of the second video


Wow, u’ve really done your research, thanks for the info. Now the trick is to get the right mixture.

Anyways, have you seen my first video on youtube? it showed you how I was able to gain 30% of hair back.



Hey mate, I’ll look at it shortly.

Yeah i kind of just went right through those ingredients as I’d like to try your regimen but Scalpmed don’t ship to Australia.

Unfortunately i won’t be able to try Propecia either as It’s just too much of a risk that I’m not willing to take, as far as the side effects go. But i will substitute Propecia with Saw Palmetto and see how that goes as it also inhibits 5-alpha-reductase but with less risk as it’s a natural medicine.

To people reading this who feel they would like to comment and tell me I’m wasting my time because I’m not following Kevs correct regimen by using Saw Palmetto instead of Propecia because… I know this, but i couldn’t give two f*cks, I’d rather be bald a thousand times over than not being able to use my dick.

Anyway, with that being said i still think it’s worth a shot for me to try some of the ingredients of Nutrisol as well as minox, silica etc.

At the moment I’m on nothing and i haven’t been for a long time, I’ve only ever really tried Minox a couple times and to be honest it did help by stopping my hairloss, adding thickness to existing terminal hair and producing lot of vellus hair growth. Nope the vellus never turned into terminal hair, but i never applied minox long enough to look for better results, why you ask?

Well I guess I’m just lazy when it comes to doing things like that, and going bald is not the end of the world. But after seeing old mates success i feel like giving it a shot.

Just have to work out my own regimen to closely match Kevs, as i can’t buy Nutrisol in Australia and that I’m not willing to take Propecia. And well, if it doesn’t work to get the same result as old mate, then at the very least i know it’ll still stop my hairloss… but hey, if i do get the same result then all we have to do is diagnosis by exclusion to find out with ingredient/s is responsible for the regrowth.

And thanks to kev for sharing your success pal, I’m off to watch your first video!



Cool, good luck with ur own regimen Bezzo


hi kevin i also contacted you at youtube and find it very interesting that scalp med ( which i tried a couple of years ago and to be honest found it very greasy so dropped it) but if we could get it easy in uk i would give it another go.
When looking at scalp med on you tube there does seem a lot of before and after success and we know some may be shills but they cannot all be,but what about this nutrisol can we get it to use on its own and add our own minox.
Im still sceptical but its hard not to be with all the stuff i have tried over the years natural and drugs it seems that now only one site sells scalp med which is a pain.



A few more questions :

1- Did your nails start growing noticeably faster ?
2- Skin quality, did you notice it became clearer and softer ?
3- Did you grow more body hair (eyebrows, arm hair etc)