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Ass bald guy reverses baldness - real or snake oil?


Its ridiculous how bald this guy was and how much hair he landed up with - and that too in just 120 days!

So what now, do we start downing high doses of Biotin & Silica with our finasteride/avodart ?

Man its one thing after another.

Can someone please interview the guy or invite him onto this board.

Based on his testimonial, I’m switching to taking my finasteride/avodart meds at night instead of in the morning. Maybe that’s his secret to success !!


[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by Freddie555[/postedby]
Based on his testimonial, I’m switching to taking my finasteride/avodart meds at night instead of in the morning. Maybe that’s his secret to success !![/quote]

Sorry for discouraging you but I’ve been always taking Finasteride at night and has been like that for years and I can assure that it won’t increase the effectiveness - in fact, in my case, it didn’t stop my hair loss at all, but I’m still taking it.

Anyway, I’d be glad to interview this guy via Skype or something else. However, English is not my native language and it would be annoying to listen to my Spanish accent :smiley: but it would be awesome to have a voice interview with this guy, much better than text. So… someone wants to do it?


The results are incredible. I have never seen such results in 10 years+ on this site, maybe once with an indian guy who had a huge regrowth with minox but that’s all. And it was not that good.

To me, it sounds shockingly too good to be true.

I will do a research on that stuff, but it seems VERY, VERY, strange that a random guy had regrow a full head of hair with just using silica gel.

He either, as said previously, has particular genetics or is a complete fake making fun of you.


Is he using Gel…as a topical? Or eats it (pills)?


I ment Silica Gel (topical)? or silica pills?


pills silica 500mg


Have you given up on the PGD2 regimen? Over at another forum - w.w.w.h.a.i.r.l.o.s.s.h.e.l.p.com people have been inquiring about your results.

I thought about posting there, but haven’t yet, as I find the layout of the forums and the structure of the threads very hard to follow. There is also a major pecking order on those other sites so even if you’re a very knowledgeable poster somewhere else (like here), you’re still relegated to newbie status there. Plus I have limited time and not really enough time to be posting on more than 1 hairloss site. So HairSite is my chosen one, for efficiency’s sake. Also, I’m not seeing any real improvement. I’ve only been using the NasalCrom, mind you – NO OTHER PGD2 blockers or inhibitors at all. Now I’m beginning to question my assumptions about NasalCrom (a Mast Cell degranulation inhibitor). I am not, however, questioning my thinking about PGD2 inhibition in general.

We know for a fact that miniaturized follicles can return back to a terminal state. With blocking androgens upstream, and PGD2 downstream, we should see something!

Agree there!

I don’t buy this guy’s silica claim. as you noted, it is basically inert.

Agree there, too.


I don’t buy this guy’s silica claim. as you noted, it is basically inert.

I think his results are from propecia. There are people who react really well to this product. I don’t buy the silica gel either, although I may give it a try to see what happen.


Just posted a comment on his YT video, but seems it needs to be approved. I linked this thread, so maybe he would like to come and explain us more.


I don’t buy the silica gel either, although I may give it a try to see what happen.[/quote]

Its NOT silica gel, its silica tablets.

This has already been repeated a few times.


Hello everyone, I am very honored to know that you guys are talking about my video. It seems that there are still doubts about my video. Some think I’m a salesman working for Scalp Med, some believe my photos are fake, some think I’m genuine, and some need more evidents. Well, I will try to post up more concrete evidents on my next video and will discuss about these questions that you guys have. I will try to answer most of your questions here as well. I know it’s hard sometime to believe a person out of no where to give his most valued secret away for nothing. Well to be honest, I did thought of contacting all these companies that provide the products and make a deal with them, but that’s going to take years of negotiation and time. I can try to sell the secret to people but they will end up selling it to someone else and in the end it’s really hard to prove that this secret was mine in the first place. Plus I really hate those hair companies that look at you differently when they know you cant afford to have hair transplants. I wanted to prove them wrong that even without hair transplant, there is still hope. To be honest I went to Hair Club and even tried the Bio Matrix for a month and felt really depress because I felt like I was wearing a wig. The doctor for Hair Club turned me down for hair transplant because he said I would only get about 20% of my hair back and it’s not even guaranteed. And multiple sessions may be required. Who the hell can afford to risk 20G over something that is not guaranteed??? so yes, I thank God every day that I’m able to find a solution for me, and it might just work for you as well.


Remember Freddie that taking Finasteride/Propecia alone does not work. I even mentioned it in the video that I took propecia with biotin and silica for about 6 months and it did not work for me. It slowed down the hair loss process but did not grow out new hair. Adding Scalp Med is the key. I believe Scalp Med’s Nutrisol is the key that enhance Minoxidil. Also as I mentioned, I’ve also tried Scalmed alone and it did not work for me as well, so the Key is to combine the two.


Have you seen the video? I’m not just using Silica tablets. I’m using a combination of 4 products combined.


Hi Kevin, Thanks for posting on here.

Q. You have over 15000 hits on your youtube video since late 2012 and asked people to get back to you if your regime worked for them. I can’t see any youtube comments saying they’ve had success, has anyone else come forward to you saying it worked for them ?

Thanks again.


It took me approximately 4-5 months before seeing great result. it’s been about 4-5 months since I posted the video, I will give it another 2 months or so before seeing response of result from the combination. That is if they use the exact combination of the products. because I’ve tried other combinations and it did not work.


hello from here too kevin
can you write scalp meds products ingredients list?
i thought it was just minoxidil 5% am i wrong?


i found an ingredients list btw if it is correct then its nothing new is very common…
Expeditor/Nutrisol - Rm:
Deionized water, Glycerol, Polysorbate-80, Retinol
Sabal Serrulata, Beta-sitosterol, Panthenol, Cystine, Biotin, DMDM Hydantoin, Methylparaben


The list is correct except for the last ingredient, it’s lodopropynyl Butylcarbanate. If you’re able to find a product with similar ingredients, let me know, because Scalpmed is quite expensive. I have not done any research on what product gives you the same ingredients as Scalp Med’s Nutrisol so as of right now I cannot find a substitute for it. Thanks.


Hi Kevin,

First, thanks for showing up. I hope you stick around for quite some time.

As you can see, you’re headed for “superstar” status here on hairsite. It won’t be long before you’ll be rolling up in a limousine and stepping out on a red carpet to a blindling flash of cameras.

Second, as you can imagine, most people suffering hairloss here have been taken for a ride with products & promises. The tendency is to be wary of miraculous results especially with some marketing angle attached to it.

You look & sound like an honest guy, So I hope you’re the real deal.

You indirectly mentioned in your video that your brother too had hair loss. Has your brother tried your regimen and has it worked out for him as well as it did for you.

Please keep us updated on a month to month basis regarding your progress. The pictures you’ve taken provide an excellent record.

On this end, we’ll get some guys to try out your exact regimen and see how it works out. Since your results came within 4 months, it should not take long to find out, all things being equal.

Consider yourself lucky you dodged the Hair Transplant bullet. Its a road to never ending misery. You would have exchanged one problem (baldness) for an even bigger one - and i’m not talking financial.

BTW your wife must be thrilled at your results.


I dont know about “superstar status”, but thanks for the compliment. Fortunately for my brother, he did/does not need Scalp Med. His method of using Propecia, Biotin, and Silica worked on him because his hair loss condition was not as bad as mine. He’s still on just Propecia and is able to maintain his hair pretty well.