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Ass bald guy reverses baldness - real or snake oil?


Yep, I heard Scalp Med does not ship to other countries but I’m not sure. If we can find something to substitute Nutrisol that would be awesome, I mean we can research the ingredients and stuff but to add the right doses and test it out is the tricky part.


I believe silica and biotin also help with nail and skin as well. I’m not really that metro (care about my looks too much) so I really don’t know if it affects my skin color, I suppose it does. My nail is much healthier though, I do notice that it grows a bit faster. As with facial hair, I do have to shave more often then before so i believe it does increases facial hair as well.


I was asking because after taking Avodart for 12 years, one of the major effects of the reducing type 2 dht was that it essentially killed the growth of arm/body hair, while doing its thing to maintain the hair on the head. There was a huge initial jump in acne then it cleared up significantly and the skin became soft and of course the sexual side effects kicked in after a year or two. After reducing the dosage from 1 pill a day to 1 pill a week (long half life of avodart made this possible) these ‘unintended feminizing side effects’ were limited.

I’ve been doing biotin for about 12 days now, logic states there should be absolutely no results this soon, but i’ve noticed my skin is getting significantly more oily…


hi kev i notice you say you are taking super biotin 6000 how many tabs are you taking and also silica how many a day?and what web site are you buying scalp med from?as they say i could order two months for uk but would cost $190 in post which is about £173 uk and thats including shampoo there is no mention of there oral vits on there site at scalpmed com us.


Wow, those are some serious side effects you had there.
As for me I havent experienced any side effects from the products. Hopefully I wont experience it. I’ve used finasteride on and off for about over 2 years now. But it’s been almost a year where I’ve used it consistently.
As with Biotin, I believe it makes my skin better. I have really dry skin on my face so i guess it helps. You’ve mentioned that your skin is more oily after just 12 days, is that a bad or good thing?


Hi Tiny,

I take 1 pill of biotin and 1 pill of Silica along with 1 pill of finasteride a day before I go to bed.

I really cant help you with pricing on ScalpMed because I really dont know how much is the regular price for them to ship to UK. I just call the Scalpmed number to order the product. They usually have a promotion where you buy 2 months and get 2 months free or something. It depends on what promotion they have going on at the moment.


The side effects were brutal yes, but I did learn to overcome most of them. Things came to a nice balance once I reduced the dosage down to 1 pill per week for the last 4-5 years.

I’m 36, I regularly get told I look 25’ish. So I can’t complain. The last time I had oily skin, it was when I was 21 and started to go bald fast, which is why I am cautious because of the relationship between sebum excretion and losing hair. For example : back when I was 21, i would sweat on the temples, and it was a very oily. Temples retreated and hair would constantly fall out.

After Avodart it stopped, and the oily liquid still surfaced in hot weather but it was more watery than oily and hair was very strong.

I think in general, I am very very positive about Biotin so far. Too early to tell, but I’m seeing nails grow a little faster + unfortunately a little more oily face. Might be the cause of better skin. Let’s see.


hi kev i wonder if you could stop finasteride as you said your baldness was still bad state when you was on it before you restarted scalp med? or is the combined biotin and silica making the finasteride work better it would be interesting to see if just scalpmed and biotin silica without finas worked.
Also is scalpmed still greasy as i remember a few years ago it was thats why i stopped it?


Kev, buddy.

Alrighty, I think i may have a regimen in place. Though when i think over it, it does seem simplistic by many standards, yet it has potential to be anything but as it covers a few experimental regrowth aspects, but only in simple forms.

What do i expect from this regimen? I realistically only expect my hair loss to cease, my existing terminal hairs to become stronger and for some minor peach fuzz to fill in, anything else would be a bonus. I only expect this much because this was the same result i was getting when i used to use Minox quite sometime ago.

I haven’t been on anything for quite some time.

My regimen will consist of:

Saw Palmetto:

Inhibition of both forms of 5-alpha-reductase

Biotin 5mg, Silica 5mg:
Both pretty stand for all round hairy goodness(very technical term, i know).

Vitamin B6 6.2mg:
Gene expression - It transforms homocysteine into cystathionine then into cysteine. Cystine and Cysteine are basically the same thing. (also meant to be good for preventing hangovers, so you should be taking it anyway lol)

Cod liver oil:

Cod liver oil is an extremely rich source of Vitamin A. It also contains vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids and can be readily absorbed through the skin, which is why i’ll be applying it topically.

Retinol(Vitamin A) is an extremely effective cell-communicating ingredient, which means it can literally connect to almost any skin cell and tell it to behave like a healthy, younger skin cell

Vitamin A, and more specifically, retinoic acid, appears to maintain normal skin health by switching on genes and differentiating keratinocytes (immature skin cells) into mature epidermal cells.

Blah Blah, you already know.


Well since i have been advised by my doctor to take them anyway due to inflammation on my chest, not only is it an anti inflammatory but also it inhibits the enzyme cyclooxygenase (COX), which converts arachidonic acid to prostaglandin H2 (PGH2).Prostaglandin H2, a type of prostaglandin derived from arachidonic acid,is a precursor for many other biologically significant molecules. It is acted upon by Prostaglandin D2 synthase to create prostaglandin D2. So who knows, better than nothing to help with the PGD2 problem, i have to take them anyway.

Not worried about panthenol as i can only see that it’s main use is for aesthetics making the hair appear shiny.

If i don’t see any results in 90 days I’ll probably just drop back to Minox, then maybe even back to no regimen at all again… guess I’ll wait and see.

Anyways, i know it’s not the best regimen out there but it’s still a shot. Better to have tried and failed than to have never tried in the first place.

I’ll probably start it in a week or so, and yes i did take before pics.

I’ll update weekly, whether results are good or bad.



It’s nice to know the side effects are reversible once u decrease the doses. This give me a piece of mind if I ever experience any negative side effects.


I haven’t really tried using biotin, silica, n scalpmed without finasteride. Maybe I will in the future to see if I’m able to maintain my hair without finasteride, especially with this new laser machine I’m using. Hopefully the laser machine will be significant enough to maintain my hair without it. U might want to test it out Tim, using just scalpmed with biotin n silica, it also depends on how bad ur hairloss is. I think it shouldn’t be a problem if ur just trying to maintain ur hair.


Great Bezzzo, please keep us updated with ur progress photos.


hi kev im wondering why you have decided to spend a lot of money on a laser hood as your success with what you are using is far greater on its own?i have a hairmax laser comb lux 9 but got it quite cheap on ebay.
As to scalpmed i have found a source thats slightly cheaper than what i quoted above and she may sell to other countries than uk and its the lady i got my scalpmed a few years ago,i think she is in canada.


[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by Kevng8322[/postedby]
I haven’t really tried using biotin, silica, n scalpmed without finasteride. Maybe I will in the future to see if I’m able to maintain my hair without finasteride, especially with this new laser machine I’m using. .[/quote]

You have obviously found something that works and works miraculously well for you. I would not be making changes to your treatment regiment as you propose. Keep doing what you are doing.

Laser combs, herbs…etc are all sc*ms. I’ve never seen anyone grow hair or even keep their hair with that stuff. I have seen tons of people who had successful treatment on finasteride get off it to pursue some crazy idea of using herbs & combs…etc. only to watch their hair fall out. Once you lose your hair, typically its almost impossible to grow it back - your case being the rarest expection.

Again, you are 1 in a million who happened to reverse from NW6 to semi-NW2 so don’t mess around with the good fortune you’ve got. Stick to your regiment because its obviously working well for you.


Tim and Freddie,
It seems like I’m only able to get about 30% of my hair back, it doesnt look like it will get any thicker. I’m NOT going to discontinue my regimen but I’m going to add laser to it to see if it will enhance it. I guess that answer’s Freddie question as well. I figure if this laser machine will not help, I dont think a laser comb will help neither. I would rather pay a little more for the machine to test it out to make sure that I get the best product. With the laser combine with my regimen, hopefully it will make my hair even thicker.


Trust me dude, I’m of a scientific (more so technical) background and I’m pretty sure lasers do not do jack for your hair. Its just a marketing gimmick like magnetic hair brushes.

Can these laser comb companies identify even one light activated molecule in the scalp (other than melanin) ?

Its a boat load of nonsense and I’ve never seen anyone ever grow anything with lasers.

But of course you are free to pursue any treatment ideas you have. Hell you’ve gotten further than just about anyone here in terms of regrowth so best of luck.


hi kev is scalpmed still very greasy like rogaine as thats the reason i stopped using it? and also minoxidil is very cheap we know if you could get the nutrisol then it would be cheap but other than that scalp med is a rip off and i have seen some people and professional hair experts have said its a con so kev as you said it did not work for you a time ago it must be something else in your regrime thats helping.
Im really glad now i did not rush out and buy smed now and will just use the vits your taking and im going to be using a natural which i have picked up for $20 and report back when i start using.


Thanks Freddie, Hopefully I can pull off a miracle again :slight_smile:


Hi Tim,
ScalpMed worked for me in the past, but it failed to prevent my hair from falling off. As in my new hair would grow out and fall off again consistently. So I stopped using it after a year or so in the past. As I mentioned ScalpMed alone did not work for me. I also tried using Propecia with Biotin and Silica without minoxidil or ScalpMed and it did not work for me either. The result that I got is from the combination of these products. I’m not trying to defend ScalpMed or any other products I mentioned. I’m just stating it as a personal experience. I think it might work for some people to just use Genetic Minoxidil with finasteride, biotin, n silica. I think this is the cheapest combination to try out.


many thanks kev i do think that your vid still is a fantastic result that many of us would be happy with i have got some profollica which is a natural on order i got it fairly cheaply and will combine with the vits you are using and see what happens.