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4000 grafts FUE - Hair Of Istanbul - 07/11/2019

Hi guys.

Been a long time lurker on this forum. Finally took the plunge and had a hair transplant procedure at Hair of Istanbul in Turkey, on 7th November 2019. I thought it would only be right for me to post on here as I’ve found this a useful resource.

Been losing hair for 12 years although Propecia has pretty much put a stop to that this last 12 months, giving me more impetus to finally get things up top sorted.

Unfortunately I’m only allowed to post 1 photo here, but I did vlog the experience, so if anyone is interested in seeing more, please follow the link below:


Any thoughts or questions, fire away.


Hey guys. Following on from my post on here last month, here is my 1 month update for you.

Recovery has gone better than expected. No redness. No itching. No pimples. No shock loss. Very minimal swelling. Very minimal pain. Numbness now at only about 20%. Scabs off in Donor area on day 6. Scabs off in Recipient area between day 7 and 10. Shedding started on 6th December.

Unfortunately can still only post 1 picture. For a more detailed update, feel free to check out my ‘1 Month Update’ video on YouTube:

Any thoughts, feedback, or queries, fire away.


Hey guys.

Here’s my 2 Month Update:

Now have the forum privileges to add more photos.

Numbness in the donor site or recipient site or the whole scalp? Numbness lasts over a month?

Numbness in the recipient site. I’ve never heard of Numbness in the donor area.

It’s just a small stubborn area at the front of my head which is still slightly numb. Probably about 10% numb, so I have 90% feeling in the area I’m referring to.

Numbness is different for different people. Some say it lasted for 1 whole year, some say 6 months. The majority of mine was gone within the first month. But again, just a small area about the size of a circle you can create with your index finger and thumb, still remains about 10% numb. I’m not worried. Should be gone by next month.

Hey guys.

Here’s my 3 Month Update (full details in the video)…

Feel free to ask any questions.


Hi Guys. Here’s my 4 Month Update.

Hairline has started growing in.

More details in the video:

Any thoughts or comments welcome.


1 of the hairline at the 4 Month mark:

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Looks Good :+1:

Hey guys ! The 5 Month mark is here !

The lack of Vitamin D and other factors I discuss in my video update below, don’t seem to have affected my progress too badly as far as I can tell.

Hope you enjoy the vid. Any comments, thoughts, questions are all welcome.

Stay safe everyone.

It’s interesting how thick it looks after 5 months even thought the day-of pics show the grafts were spaced pretty far apart.

Dr. Baubac should take a look at this. He would have taken your 4,000 grafts and dense packed them into 20% of the area you got covered.

Looks great!

HI Guys. Here is my 6 Month Update. Can’t actually believe it’s been 6 months since I went to Turkey.

Any questions or thoughts, drop them below.

Thanks and stay blessed.

Just a quick mini update with some outdoor shots. Enjoy.

Your hair looks really great man… Awesome effort…

I looked up the website. But I dont see any hair transplant results. What gives?

Thank you mate.

All the best.

Sorry, I’m not sure what you’re asking ?

hairofistanbul.com does not have any image results on its website.

Oh right. Erm, not sure what I can do to help you with that ? Maybe contact Hair Of Istanbul directly and put forward a suggestion for them to include results on their website ?

Alternatively, check their Instagram or YouTube.

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