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You have to watch this video



I encourage everybody to watch this video.


The guy is talking about health in general he says he was almost bold and now he has most of his hair back.

Give me your opinion.

If you think science, medicine, news, … can’t be manipulated you might watch tehe following videos on google:
Sweet misery,
9/11 misteries
The fluoride deception
A world without cancer


Besides bold he was bald. I meant bald.

I have to add that he is 75 so he is not a kid who just lost his hair but an old man about to die (he died at 77).

He also los more than 100 pounds of weight.

See the video please.


Sounds like a crock of shiite. How is an electrical impulse going to selectively destroy only the things in your blood that are infectious and not anything else? It makes no sense to me. Best way to find out is to build one yourself and take before and after pics of yourself and then post them on here showing your dramatic gains.



Early in the video Bob Beck claimed that “he found out that 51% of the pharmacuetical industry” was owned “by the mafia”.

How on earth can one believe anything else out of this man’s mouth.

If I were you, I’d spend alot of time with VARIOUS search engines (not just Google) and look for people who have web pages, myspace pages, facebook, etc. that detail their personal experience with electrifying their blood to rid themselves of disease before I’d even bother to put any faith into this video.

The internet is a wonderful, wonderous thing by which folks can share information and personal experiences. However, Ive found that there are new-age kooks and con artists who will tell you of ridiculous conspiracy theories, UFO abductions, past life experiences, miracle herbs that cure every known malady of mammallian medical conditions, and everything else including the ablility to friggin’ levitate. Its dissapointing, but its “out there” online.

I do indeed remember a few years back (early nineties) that there was supposeldy an article (a few people were buzzing about this) where a few doctors were excited about HEATING blood up as it was ran through a machine for AIDS patients. Three patients apparently submitted to it. One died, the other didn’t get any better, and one apparently made a “recovery” and didn’t have AIDS symptoms anymore. The procedure was “dangerous” as the blood had to be heated and cooled back to normal temperature before being put back in the body and only a little at a time could be out of the body (obviously). Other doctors (supposedly) scoffed at it. I tried to check that out, and could never find out if this made its way into official medical literature. Hell, it could have been an urban legend some unscrupulous writer put in the back of a magazine, but for a while…quite a few people believed it. Ive never heard of it since and believe it was probably a sham. I’d excercise caution…

Not that I don’t WISH that it were true for suffering people mind you, I’d love for it to be so. But I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Best…


lol…no dice.