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Yoram Benitah\'s DermaPen Project

The recent abundance of threads concerning Mr. Benitah’s endeavours notwithstanding, I thought I’d take it upon myself to create yet another one. Reason being, the thing I’m proposing to discuss is technically not Pilox, but, as Bruno told us, a separate project.

(That news has largely been ignored, but I would think I’m not the only one interested in it (there are dozens if not a few hundred people using dermarollers to try and fight the AGA, with as many as hundreds of thousands views of the threads regarding dermarolling. If this has the potential to be a better and already available alternative to dermarolling, I think it’s worth looking into (not to mention that the ingredients seem to be overlapping with those of the ever so promising Pilox project. End of recursion, a horde of closing parentheses.))))

So what we have now is the Russian site www.thickhair.ru , unearthed by Ross, that namedrops Mr. Benitah heavily, says the product they sell is his invention, and offers it in form of a package of a DermaPen and “two to four” months’ supply of the compound for $300 (a DermaPen itself is ~$150 on eBay), which they ship by mail, quite possibly all over the world. Other than that, the site is somewhat shady, although they do make a point of measuring the hair count before and after two months of treatment if you were to pay $1200 and visit them for the procedures, but most importantly, it lacks any information on the science behind their thing, its basic nature even (except, as mentioned, that it was created by the famous Yoram Benitah) as well as any decent before/after photos.

Then, we have Bruno’s report:
“8. Yoram is developing a new dermapen treatment for a clincal enviroment, I assume that is what we see on the russian website. Basic description is dermapen + Copper peptide + Complex? This is unrelated to Pilox.”
( http://www.hairsite.com/hair-loss/board_entry-id-124989-page-0-category-1-order-last_answer-descasc-DESC.html )

So, please, Vraf, Bruno, all you wonderful people in contact with Monsieur Benitah. Could you please ask him to elaborate just a little bit on this thing?

  1. First and most important of all, does that site indeed has any connection to him and his research?

  2. Does he have any test results for this project? We aren’t asking about Pilox (in any case, we’ve seen the photos, we already are impressed) as that is a work in progress, but if this is commercially available - there should be something more substantial than the two pairs of low-res photos.

  3. Isn’t the product they offer available anywhere else, besides the mentioned site?

  4. No. Can’t think of anything else.

  5. Oh, on second thought, I can. Bruno specifically mentioned that it’s supposed to be a “treatment for a clincal enviroment” and the Russians are willing to send you a device you just plug in and have at it.

  6. Thank you ever so much.

A couple of minor details to add about that site.
It’s written in such painfully bad Russian that I could only expose myself so much and have overlooked a thing or two.

They say the compound is produced by the company Dr. M. Burstein ( www.burstein-dead-sea.com ).
They claim 86 percent response rate. What they say is, word for word, “86 percent have noticed a considerable increase in density after 8 procedures” (that’s two months).
They mention that the clinical treatment they offer is “more intensive” than the do-it-yourself option.

Hi, im russian. I called to this number a few minutes ago.
It sounds like fake or russian-nigam. Im on work now and i havent much time, i will post a 2-3 hours later when come home. I will write whole my dialog and then you will decide.

Here is my dialog (blue - me, red - opponent):
-Hello! Is it %username%? Did you left your phone number for contact on site www.thickhair.ru?
-Hi, yes it’s me!
-My name is %anothername%, so lets me present you our new technology of dr.Yoram describes technology
-Ye i read enough on foreign forums… I just want to ask you: How this can be possible that peoples who is in trials in Israel write on forum, that this device is not going to market yet and you already are offering?
-Oh im personal good friend of Yoram (Here i did facepalm) and im his distributer in Russia. So he sold me derma-pen. here is coming many histories about happy clients
-So i offer you treatment - visit me every 2 weeks and using at home dermaroller and special oil.
-Eh… what? Arent you using minox? What contains this “oil”? And on site said that you offer 3 options, one of those - set for home usage. You said dermaroller, so arent you selling a derma-pen?
-Hm… Oil is patented by Bernstein, you know it (i realy never interested in oils and Berstein also, so it doesnt make any sense for me). They are good friends with Yoram (i already heared somewhere this), so Berstein delivers oil that contains …signaling growfactors and increased blood flow. Yes i dont sell derma-pen, its one uniqe, for usage on those patients who visit me.
-What about DGT?
-Oil blocks DGT… a-reductase
-Eh… So this technology based on penetrating and oil-grow-factor-DGT-blocker? Isnt it based on copper-zinc ions?
-Actualy Copper-Zinc is under develop, and i offer old technology. here i lost interest and he felt it. He started telling me how good i will look already after 2 months (dermaroll every 3 days+ 4 visits), and everyone will notice this, even friends and even girls and mom. i laughed inside
-So %username%, do you want try? First time is free! ye-ye free - only a cheese in mouse-trap
-I have to think… i work hardly 5/7 8/24, so if only you work on saturday.
-Ye we can meet in some patient’s flat! guess here is a trick - you visit a full hair without any aga man that tells awesome story
-Eh… i prefer some private cabinet.
-What norwood scale you are?
-Some between 5 and 6.
-Eh… i must tell that we cant help at high norwoods, this technology works better on some 2-3. here i understood - nothing better then dermaroller+minox
-I have photos of patients, do you want to see?
-Sure! Here is my mail - %mail%.
-Hope hear you soon.
-Thank you, bye.

summary: expensive sh!t that nothing better then dermaroller-minox, derma-pen is not zinc-copper and you cant buy it.
I dont want to post any photo, that clearly bad, cauz on photo girl with norwood 1.5 and some poor restoration on norwood 3-4, not impresive, just wasting time. I will post only if you wish.

a bit of calculations:
complex 8 visits (1 each week = 2 months) + home dermaroller = a bit more then 1000$. Is that too much for result that not much better then dermaroller+minox?
and pay 300$ for dermaroller and some “oil” i think too much, better buy some chemicals on kane.

I think you are getting pilox mixed up with a seperate dermapen project

I better spend money on Propionate Clobetasol, it is looks more profitable for me. Still what about Follica? Sorry for offtop. But cant get which opinion is right now:
a) follica’s trials are near end, laser already patented. Some grow-factors contains human body, so this dont need FDA approval. Cure gonna be very soon.
b) grow factors must be approved - cure comes in 999years.

Thank you so much, Walter (or should I say Heisenberg), for taking time and care to investigate and report back to us. The site did smell of sc@m so strongly, it never even crossed my mind to actually call them. Thanks!

But, yeah, this is disheartening, very much so. I think we can safely assume the case closed as far as the Russian site is concerned. He’s not even including the DermaPen in the $300 package. (Which, again, is $150 @eBay if not the plethora of other places.)

Still, boychiki, I, for one, would very-very much like to hear at least something from Mr. Benitah as regards his DermaPen project. Maybe he could recommend us something to hang on to over the coming year before Pilox (I’d suggest ‘Grail’ as a more apt trademark, btw) is there? Because, think about it, the pen is there to buy right now, the compound the Russian guy uses is produced by a reasonably well-established Israeli cosmetics company and may very well be available elsewhere. And the efficacy of the treatment - well, the guy’s making a point of performing trichoscans before and after the 2 months treatment (yeah, could not be true).

Then again, there is something about DermaPen that makes Mr. Benitah look into it. And it was him who, of his own accord, told Bruno about it. Maybe he could add a word or two? This is not to steal the limelight from Pilox (Lapis Philosophorum tm? No? Too girlish?) — it is to piss on the dermarolling parade: people are hurting themselves, needlessly, quite pointlessly, it seems, too. He could at least say that he can’t disclose anything and make us perfectly content if not quite hairy enough for the time being.

Think I’ll head over to the thread where all the cool stuff’s happening and pester Vraf there.

Thanks for the translation. Funny stuff :wink:

So is this correct:

  • Yoram Benitah is the name of the researcher at the private forum discussing Pilox.

  • Yoram Benitah is the name associated with DermaPen.

  • Pilox and DermPen are two different projects.

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