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Years Later, This Patient’s Dr.UGraft Corrective Hair Transplant is Still Going Strong


Many on this forum may recall the patient case below. Before consulting with Dr. U, he experienced severe Norwood 6 level hair loss. Failed hair transplant procedures at other clinics left him psychologically and physically scarred. With an over-harvested donor area, restoration with a traditional approach was out of the question. In addition to baldness, he also had visible strip scars.

Dr. U recommended a repair procedure in which he supplements head hair grafts with non-head hair grafts. A study of 3 patient cases published in the Annals of Plastic Surgery noted the success of this method. For this case, Dr. U used the Intelligent Punch™ (Dr.UPunch i™) to safely extract follicular units from the body – notoriously difficult with convention FUE tools due to the angled growth of the hair follicle underneath the skin.

Click here to learn more about this patient case: https://dru.com/hair-surgery/repairing-donor-hair-depleted-patient-using-dr-ugraft/

Or watch the video with his updated results below:


How many years ago was transplanted


Hello, karxxx!

This patient has been under the doctor’s care since January 2016, when he had his initial procedure done. Since then, he has gone under one additional round of treatment, which took place in October of 2017.


That’s an impressive result. I like the hairline.