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Cure for alopecia areata.

Any volunteer to try Xeljanz with dmso?


Godamnit, the quote below from that link, is exactly what I’ve been saying for years on this forum, and I was thrashed for saying it.

Even people here make light of hair loss (or tell us that we must not let hair loss bother us–which is like saying to someone ignore your cancer or ignore your missing leg. Yeah, right.)

No one wants to acknowledge that hair loss is serious.

I suspect because hairy men are secretly glad we’re bald, because it’s less competition for them.

But when people here parrot the same nonsense about hair loss being trivial, they are helping to perpetuate that myth and slow research into a cure.

Why is it taking so long for a cure?

From the article about why big companies aren’t working on a cure. What I’ve been saying:

“He said big companies are concerned that the Food and Drug Administration would approve a treatment for male pattern baldness only if it had no or few side effects, since it’s treating a cosmetic problem and not a disease.”


And I’ve been saying for years, that we need to push the fact that treating MPB would treat FEMALE pattern hair loss.

We are wasting our time trying to get science to respect men’s hair loss. It won’t happen for another generation or two at the minimum.

Science will move mountains to cure women’s cosmetic problems. Between the men & women who are sympathetic, and the other Donald Trump types who just want prettier women to choose from, people deem the effort worthy.


Did you see the photos? His MPB persisted after regrowing AA hair.


Yes, that is exactly what it looked like. The drug demolished the AA problem and didn’t even touch the MPB problem.