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World\'s First FUE/BHT Scar Repair Result


The World’s First Strip Scar Repair using FUE and BHT.

Patient “HT Veteran” came to see Dr Ray Woods in 1999 to repair the scars from a previous Strip Hair Transplant with another Doctor.

1,000 Donor hair and 1,500 Chest hair.


How did that scar get so bad?

Is there any way we could get a clue as to who did that? Has to be one of if not the worst scar I’ve seen.

With what Woods had to start with, the result is really amazing. Well done.


You are a good man Dr. Woods!


Dr. Woods you gave him something that money can’t buy. He must be so very grateful!


[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by johnp[/postedby]
Dr. Woods you gave him something that money can’t buy. He must be so very grateful!

this was the worst scar I have ever seen.

He had “scar revisions” by the same “world famous” doctor.

One disaster led to another.

At 26, the hair above the scar could not hide it…and he lived under hats and bandanas .

But he was there around 1998, when I did "Roman, the worlds first bht"
check it out on youtube, or here…but I still had no real proof…it all happened months apart, and I didnt know that ROMAN was a success…he lived in Latvia…or Estonia, or Sweeden…like Texas and Arizona to me… and I was still trying to use the google on the internet machine.

It was a hot day and he wore a hawain shirt…with chest hair sqeezing out between the buttons like that tv pi 80s guy, Tom Selleck

I told him I have no real proof,and when he left and stood on the street waiting for a cab , I ran out and said…ït will work"…and the rest is history.

The fact that it not only works but can grow longer on the head was published in the “British Journal of Plastic Surgery” in 2004.

It took several years of evidence and proof to convince them , but it is undeniable, when done correctly, and proved around the world.

Dr Ray Woods


This has to be the best strip scar repair I have seen.


Dr. Woods, this is insanely good. I guess back then using beard as donor wasn’t an option, do you think beard is a better choice for fixing strip scars these days?


Beard hair is extremely coarse and resilient, and has a higher yield in scar tissue.

BUT, shaving very close will cause the beard hair to stand out from the pre existing hair.

So if you grow your hair a couple of centimeters, and the scar still catches the light , shines through , or is obvious in windy conditions, or getting in and out of chairs etc, beard hair is great at camoflaging the scar. Buzz very short however, and it may stand out from the hair above and below.

In the late nineties I had a patient named “timetested”.
He was a major repair effort, and I actually used some neck hair on him at around the same time.

In his case, I was removing follicles from the posterior neck region, and in a desperate effort to find more follicles, I went from posterior, to lateral to frontal neck…that is beard. And those follicles were very tricky to remove without a massive transection rate, AND the bulbs were massive.
Placing these follicles in, or too close to the frontal hairline is not advised. Doctors still do it, and , well, I don’t know about you guys but I think it looks hideous.

As a general thickener, or in certain scar treatments, its fine.

Dr Ray Woods


Great job!