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Women - Flutamide or Propecia?


Hey All
I have been diagnosed with Androgenetic Alopecia, I lost abotu 50% of hair and very depressed by it.
I have tried Spriolacone and when the weight gain + cellulite started I stopped taking that drug,

I went to my dermo yesterday asking about flutamide and she said that since she hasn’t prescribe it in the past she is not comfortable to try it with me,
So she wants me to go back to BC + Rogaine and try to buy the laser hair comb and in a month she will consider to give me propecia.

I read in other forums that ppl have better success with flutamide, can you tell me your experiences? Did you try propecia\flutamide? What was better? what were side effects? weight gain\cellulite scare me the most
Also, were you on BC at the same time? which one were they?


Hi Shirgali,

Did you see results while using Spirolactone?

You should follow your doctor’s recommendations , wait a month and see if she is willing to prescribe Propecia for you.

It think it is safer to start Propecia first before you try Flutamide, Flutamide is for prostate cancer.

Good luck.