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Woman regrows hair in her bald patch by using essential oils from Scotish Study


Hairsite: Please don’t remove these links as I don’t have permssion to use the woman’s pictures here. so I’m posting the link to her actual post instead.


You can see from the pic she started seeing regrowth in just 1 month. I’m amazed by this case, just as I was with the guy originally shown in the scotish study. Although this woman had Alopecia Areata, I remember reading somewhere that the researchers of the study speculated that this treatment may also regrow hair in men affected with mpb - can’t exactly remember where I read that though.

The complete receipe: http://www.holisticonline.com/remedies/Hair/hair_loss_aromatherapy.htm


If it’s not happening on androgenic hair loss then I don’t think it’s gonna be relevant enough.

This is an interesting case. But Alopecia Areata cases can sometimes reverse all by themselves. I just can’t give it the kind of weight it would carry if this has happened on a bald head.

I’ve been using topical Lavender Oil and sometimes topical Tea Tree Oil for months, at least off and on. It works to quell MPB-related itching just like taking Finasteride does, but I haven’t exactly seen spectacular regrowth or anything with it.

Recently, Benji or somebody had produced a study finding that there was the same type of alcohol component in numerous different natural hair oils. TTO, LO, Cedarwood oil, etc. I have a hard time imagining that just the combination of this stuff in a consistent dose would really help us. I just think mankind would have discovered it a LO-O-O-ONG time ago if it worked that well for MPB.