WNT Act: A New Hair Treatment For Her and for Him

Near all experts agree that hair treatments cater to men. WNT Act is helping to change that unfortunate fact. The first treatment equally effective for both men and women, WNT Act uses a special formula to stimulate growth and density while encouraging retention. Trial users saw a 7% increase in strand density and 10% increase in strand diameter. This is regardless of Propecia, Rogaine, or similar treatments. Those using such regimens can easily include WNT Act as well.

WNT Act uses all natural ingredients. Research proves that methyl vanillate helps activate the WNT pathways. These, in turn, are responsible for follicles to initiate and grow. However, WNT activity decreases with increases in DKK1, an androgen and WNT’s prime inhibitor. Targeting this problem, for the average person, was impossible until now. WNT Act is the only treatment currently available that increases net WNT levels. Baseline WNT levels increase by 32%. DKK1 levels, meanwhile, decrease by 21%

The only product that activates the WNT pathway, WNT Act is a unique and easy-to-apply regimen. A styling lotion, application is quick, simple and neat. Read more about WNT Act here -don’t forget to order it as well!

It’s pretty steep, almost $80 a bottle. A bottle is good for 1 month?

Before and after photos?

1 bottle last one month.

I do not have any before and afters photos at this time. Hopefully we will have some soon.

@Nikolas is this your product? are you the one who compounded WNT Act?

WNT-Act is the first product to attack hair loss at the gene level by upregulating WNT and downregulating DKK1. Like all the goods that interfere with hair loss, no product is going to reverse hair loss completely. No product is going to retard hair loss completely. Combinations of products may be more beneficial than one alone. WNT-Act is a topical, plant based product studied by Antonella Tosti at the University of Miami. Dr. Tosti is a world renowned researcher, particularly in hair loss. She studied this product in women and found a positive influence in hair mass. WNT-Act is one of the few products that seems to work in women.

I would upload the study, but I have it in PDF format. Let me see if we can build a link to the study.

We do not produce this product. We believe in this product, so we act as distributors of the product. We believe in the product because there is science behind the product. This not a panacea. WNT-Act is a crutch. An all natural crutch. The WNT pathway is well known to promote hair growth. Methyl Vanillate increased WNT by 32% in Dr. Tosti’s study.

Briefly, the Tosti study included 20 women over a 6-month trial. She saw an increase in hair mass between 6% to 12% over that period. Now, compare this to PRP. Standard PRP does not increase hair mass over a 6-month span of time. Only sonicated PRP or platelet lysate can increase hair mass at six months and nearly by 100% in some patients. When you compare the cost of everything, WNT-Act is inexpensive compared to sonicated PRP, but I suspect they are additive. With sonicated PRP at 6-months, we have seen hair density increase from 90 hairs per square cm to 200 hair per square cm, and we have seen follicular density increase from 60 per square cm to 90 per square cm.

I do not believe there is a product that will work positively for all individuals. Sometimes, multiple products work better than a single product.

When you look at high-quality regular PRP, you can see a 50% increase int hair density at six months, but no increase in the hair mass. Poorer quality standard PRP produces a 25% decrease in hair density at six months and again no increase in hair mass. Thus, don’t just sign up for PRP. Remember, very few doctors study their results. You must be careful. Only sonicated PRP or platelet lysate or cytokine-rich plasma with 5 to 8 times the concentration of growth factors increases hair mass, by significant margins in some, at six months.

A positive change in hair mass is a reason I’m very excited about WNT-Act. This product increased hair mass by 6-12% at six months. We don’t set the pricing. The manufacturer does. However, when you compare the price to the benefit, especially in comparison to standard PRP, and you don’t need to leave your home to gain the benefits, the cost begins to look reasonable.

I believe enough in the product to discount WNT-Act to my patients, and I eat the difference.

Sounds exciting and I am sorry if this is a stupid question: what is the difference between hair mass and hair density?

I think hair mass is the diameter of the hair shaft and hair density refers to how many hairs per sq cm.

Good to know that it also contains caffeine ! I have looking for a topical caffeine product also.