Will we have a norwood 6 becoming norwood 3...2 with this invention? should i buy?


Hi ,

We received many questions about our Sales Launch and today we would like to give clear insights and road map!

PS: Our next Webinar will be hosted this Sunday (16.04.23)

Time: 7pm (Berlin time zone) / 1pm (New York time zone)

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Details of our Sales Launch:
Launch Date: 2nd of May 2023

Product Cost: $899 (€) (incl. Early Bird discount - get it here)

Product Delivery: October 2023 (first batch)

Platform: Indiegogo (Product Crowdfunding Site)

Why Indiegogo: See below

Next Steps: Next E-mails will detail how to register on Indiegogo and also prepare you for you sales launch

Money Back Guarantee: See below

See below for a more detailed explanations:
It will take a few minutes to read, but it should answer many of your questions.

(PS: Thanks to all survey participants that gave us guidance on ho to improve our communication!)

What is Indiegogo?
It is the #1 website for hardware companies to launch new products.

Why don’t we just sell via our website?
Indiegogo always conducts a thorough Due Diligence to ensure that each company meets certain product development requirements to ensure a high rate successful launch campaigns.

And this the main reason why we chose the platform.

We want to give every future customer the highest confidence possible, that we will deliver all products!

Why do you have to pay in May to only get the product in October?
By now we invested a couple million into our research and the product development and additionally purchased several key components for the device upfront.

And to establish a professional manufacturing line and also produce casting molds which are essential for high quality body parts, we lack sufficient funds.

Your investment in May, will help us get off the ground and establish our manufacturing line to be able to produce high quality products.

In return for your trust, you will not only be the first customers to get the product but also receive a big discount, which will not happen going forward.

Is there a risk that you will not get your product?
There is always a risk, but if worst comes to worst we could change plans and assemble the final product with 3D printed body parts, also without a fully-fledged manufacturing line.

The product will work. But it will not be of the same high quality that we currently envision it to be.

Why should you trust us?
We play a long term game at Niostem.

Our goal is to develop an ecosystem of wearable tech products that will help unlock the power of your body through self-healing via cell regeneration.

This is also one of the main reasons why both the German & Dutch government invested in our company.

And lastly, we are not here to make a quick buck.

Instead our focus lies creating a great product for hair regrowth, and at some point in teh future start a second product line for chronic wound healing. (Feel free to ask Carlos about it on Sunday’s webinar)

Why are we so confident in our solution?
As many of you know, we are a spin-off from one of the leading Biotech institutes here in Germany, called Max-Planck.

Our research was very extensive and took years, while being supported by dozens of leading scientist across Europe & the US.

The data that we obtained in our Pilot Study was gathered with greatest care & rigor, while having it validated through an independent 3rd party from UK.

And this is why we feel confident to offer a money back guarantee should the product not deliver results within 6-months!

Closing remarks:
We know that we have developed something great. Something that works better than conventional products and very importantly does NOT cause nasty side-effects.

And by now we have accumulated a community of close to 10,000 hair loss sufferers, of which many have made a pre-order already.

Therefore, we are confident to achieve the required funding on Indiegogo and also establish a viable Wearable Tech company that will help many thousands of people in the next years!

Thank you for your trust and your patience with us!

Talk very soon,
Carlos & Emil