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Will rogaine work for

Hi, just regarding rogaine, I have blonde brown hair but at the front where its thinning the most, the hair has also gone very light blonde ( and whispier). Worried that if I buzz it it will look like theres nothing there.
Is rogaine worth a try, or for the front of head it is not worth it? Thanks.

Well Kowalski, you could do nothing and continue to thin, or you could take a chance and try a topical like minoxidil (Rogaine) and see if it has any effect on you. If you are going to try minoxidil, might I suggest that you try a cheap generic like Kirkland that can be found at Amazon.com and elsewhere. Good luck.

Thanks Jtelecom, only I’m just not sure if minox is considered effective for the frontal loss. Or at least to strengthen and darken the whispy light hair. I understand that getting hair back is difficult (and unlikely) but is it more probable that this lighter thinner hair coult return to be the darker, stronger hair it was 6 months ago?

I believe that this is a common misconception. Upjohn (the makers of Rogaine) submitted their original studies to the FDA for approval that ONLY tested Rgaine on the vertex. Since it was not submitted for frontal loss,the maker cannot claim that it is effective there. Minoxidil should work equally as well everywhere it is applied. You really don’t have all that much to lose if you try it, UNLESS you have a terrible shed from it or are allergic to its ingredients. Remember, once you try it, you will have to continue to apply it or you will lose any hair that is regrown.

IF your hair was strong just six months ago, you stand a very good chance that topical treatments (like minoxidil) will have a positive impact. The sooner you address the problem, the more likely to have a positive outcome.

Thanks a lot, that’s some positive news, I will give it a try. However, I did try it about a year ago, and it was fine for a while (a little shedding but I was told to expect that) but after a month it became incredibly itchy, which I guess is the allergy you’re talking about. I believe the itch followed a sunburn, but not altogether sure. But anyway, I will check out some of the added anti-itch minox treatments and see whats about. Thanks again!

no. Itching is quite normal with minox and rather due to the alcohol -ppg vehicle. No allergy in there. Minox is said to be as potent on front hairloss as anywhere else. It thickens for sure the existing hair. I’ve been seeing this since I’ve used it (20 years!). I even call this “hairs of the minox generation”: the aspect of these affected hairs (for the better) is “abnormally” thick and unsmooth, but who cares. It’s the patent evidence of the product’s efficiency. begin with 2%. Update ifnecessary to 5% after 3 or 6 months. Use emu oil or anything alike to soothe the itching AND DON’T LET ANY SHAMPOO SIT FOR MORE THAN A MINUTE AND A HALF even if advised otherwise.

Yeah, the likely culprit of the itching is the propylene glycol. The alcohol evaporates very quickly and should not pose a problem.

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