Why Yellow tumeric curcumin or chemo-therapy or radio-therapy may be an indication for PB. PB is a Cancer CUTANEOUS condition

Papillary eccrine adenoma

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Papillary eccrine adenoma
Other names Tubular apocrine adenoma [ citation needed ]
Specialty Dermatology

Papillary eccrine adenoma is a cutaneous condition characterized by an uncommon benign sweat gland neoplasm that presents as a dermal nodule located primarily on the extremities of black patients.[1]:668[2][3][4]

This should explain why the HF seeds and/or DPs are still an issue despite all progess in research.


Tubulopapillary hidradenoma: A rare case with cytohistopathological correlation


My comment: I dont agree with the authors statement that this conditions is rare. We could be surprised that it may be a component of main-line ALOPECIA, AGA,etc… with some ponderation factor that varies-differs from one case to another.