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Why does my hair go thinner every day and getting damaged as well?


I was taking too much due to some personal issue and due to this i was not taking proper diet and due to stress and insufficient diet my hair line is receding. I start losing my hair and I was very worried. I couldn’t handle too much stress at a time. I was like a little baby crying. Then i visited doctor at Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic suggested by my friend, he recommended me to take a hair treatment or a medicine treatment. I have a phobia of medicines but i was very afraid of hair treatment that may be it had a side effect so that left of my hair may not be lost. But doctor told me its results and the process of treatment. He also told me that not to take stress anymore as i already suffered from it. What should i do? Is it ok to take some hair treatment? :disappointed_relieved::zipper_mouth_face::sweat:


As you said you were under stress, stress can lead to hair loss. Manage your stress and live a healthy lifestyle. Hair loss due to stress is not permanent and when your body feel relaxed or out of stress hair will start to regrowth. Before taking any treatment, you must consult best trichologist to know the reason behind the hair loss. Famous trichologist from hair transplant clinic in Chandigarh provide you a free hair check up and treat hair loss effectively.


Now, hair loss is common problem. There are many reason of hair loss. The main reason of hair loss are:

  1. Stress
  2. Diet
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Using electronic tools for hair styling
  5. Illness