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Why doctors will not tell your true graft estimates

There is a reason why your consultation doesn’t start with telling you how many nature given hair grafts you have lost to baldness.

For real graft estimates, please read this book

True graft estimates will depend on how many hair/grafts you have lost.
But most doctors can’t perform quality bht nor beard hair to scalp transplants.

So, their graft estimates are not based only on how much hair you have lost but rather on how many hair grafts the doctor can transplant.
That’s unfair but true.

Let me put things in perspective.
An average person with full head of hair has approximately 40,000 follicular units.
A true norwood 5 hairloss patient has lost atleast 20,000 or 50% of those hair.

The true graft estimates should be atleast 10,000 to 15,000 grafts.
The reason you are quoted less number of graft estimates is because the doctors want to limit you to their abilities or lack thereof.

We have demonstrated for more than 15 years ( I remember doing and documenting the world’s first beard hair to scalp transplant by fuse/fue in 2006), that beard and robust body donor hair are capable of growing and providing excellent coverage.

I have managed to provide these grafts because of the FUSE technique I use.
Very few doctors are adept at it and very, very few have learnt it.

It’s unfair that a seriously bald patient is left as a parly bald person at end of their hair transplant.

That can be corrected.
So, if you are a norwood 5 or above, please read the above book and ask your doctor to provide the abundant beard donor hair onto the scalp for a fuller, more complete hair restoration.

Let me know if you have any questions.
Dr A

This doesn’t make sense, I thought on average we were born with 100,000, not 40,000 as you quoted.

Also, a larger session means more money for the doctor, he will surely talk his patients into doing that.

I think you are confused. Maybe @Dr_Arvind can clarify, individual hairs do not equal to follicular units.

That’s 40,000 grafts (total average number of graft on a non balding head).
40,000 grafts is equal to 100000 hair.

Dr A

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