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Why aren't the bald rich,Jeff bezos,etc funding hairloss cure?

Why aren’t bald rich men funding a hairloss cure? Jeff Bezos,Steve Ballmer,celebrities,etc,I would think they would like a full head of growing hair?

How do you know they aren’t? These guys have their fingers in a lot of projects that aren’t public knowledge.

Well to be honest I don’t know?I thought I’d just put this out there to see if anybody knew?I keep reading on this site how the some of the players in this game need funding,I was just thinking some of the super rich could put huge amounts of money in this effort.

@MJR how do you know

If you read my post I said I do not know.

How do you know theyre not? Just because someone is rich doesnt mean they should fund projects you want. Why arent you helping to contribute to funding?

@zlaer There was a bald tech multi-millionaire from Silicon Valley, I forget his name, that posted something on his personal website about wanting to fund a project to research a cure for hair loss about 10-15 years ago. He was a lower level tech entrepreneur, not a household name like Jeff Bezos. Can anyone remember who this guy was? He seemed a bit flaky, there were some posts about him here on HairSite, then as fast as he appeared on the radar he just faded away.

Once again ,that was a question I put out there to see if anyone knew the answer,guess I worded it wrong,what I could contribute if I knew how and where would be a joke compared to what the 1%ers could,yes I do want and would like it if they could help speed up the process of finding a cure,like almost everybody here cept maybe you.

Yes we all want a cure to the same goal we all want to achieve which is full restoration. There are many who actually do contribute their finances towards that goal behind the scene. If you want to speed up the cure contribute and stop whining

you are a funny one,think your just trying to start crap, plz do not communicate with me,I’ve been coming to this site over 20 years now,seen many come and go,go fight with someone else,I try not to waste my time with Petty little trivial people such as yourself.

Your whining brought out my reaction so deal with it loser

The answer to both of the people who are arguing here, is that for those of us looking for a saviour, some billionaire to drop in and write a check for $500 million to cure hair loss, it’s not gonna happen. Dr Tsuji is struggling to raise only USD $4.8 million, small change. And I have doubts he’ll raise that anytime soon because more and more it looks like his research is not finished yet, and is NOT READY FOR CLINICAL TRIALS. To raise that money he’ll have to convince investors that it will be enough to reach a finished protocol and get him into clinical trials, and if he can’t convince them of that 100%, 1.5 years of delay will go into 2 years, then 3, 4, etc.

I suspect there are some things Dr Tsuji is not telling us, not reporting completely to the public, and I think the main issue is that he’s not ready for clinical trials from a technical perspective, and may not be for a while.

I have a lot more confidence in Stemson Therapeutics right now.

I think your probably right and I’m speculating,just a “guess”,a huge donation to a hairloss cure or treatment might garner a lot of criticism that the money could’ve been put toward a more serious cause such as cancer or medical treatments,poverty,world hunger,etc,although I deem hairloss a serious issue,its a life changing event for some of us,but others dont see it that way,

Didn’t whine about sh*t mr “Rocket Scientist”,like I said,quit your b.s. and trying to bait me into some kind of stupid debate with you,you can say whatever you want,I’m done responding to you,I won’t be so childish and call you a loser.

Roger_that I must agree with your assessment for the most part especially the part where you mention that Dr Tsuji isn’t spilling us all the beans that we need to know which would provide us landmarks of progress into his project. Unfortunately though a few of us are blindly looking for a genie in a bottle.

Obviously the whiners here project their hurt feelings of sexual frustration with little hope of hair recovery.

Okay genius,I’ll take your bait one more time,you claim to know alot about a person,“me” which you know absolutely nothing about,which says just about all I need to know about your character,I won’t stoop to your level of malarkey,now I’m done,say whatever you want,you are quite comical.

I agree roger_that. Stemson has a first class management and scientific team trying to crack the hairloss problem. Plus, their model appears to offer the most promise. They’ve been quiet for a while now, but that’s not a bad thing. Let’s hope they announce some progress this year.

Pharmaceutical industry is more profitable for them, that’s why they don’t care

$4.8M is indeed small change in today’s terms, big red flag there about the legitimacy of Tsuji;s work if he couldn’t even raise that little for his research.

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