Who is best ... oscar awards in hair transplant

Dear readers,
I have been reading about how countries are being vilified. Turkey = bad , Harley street = good.
How are you trying to make people forget the real artists.
I challenge anyone to show a result which the above mentioned doctors and me have not bettered.
It saddens me to see that these mentors and advocates work for lesser artists for… i won’t say money… it’s just that you are not good and will spoil the field… for good for your own ego.
Frankly you think me, woods, hasson etc are never going to be good enough for you? My only question…why did you did what you did… you could have made it better
Dr A

Turkey has many good clinics, but also many bad. If you use the best clinics in Turkey, you get very good value for Money. Many ppl who do not afford hair transplant in the west, can go to Turkey and get a top result. There are 3-4 docs in Turkey which is among the best in the world.

Harley street i do not know too much about.

India also now have several clinics, and I see most from Darling buds in the other hair forums. Also a clinic that has come to mye attention is Eugenix, presenting unbelievable results (however i have my doubts about implanter)