White paper on Epigenetics - a must read (you don't need to alter DNA)

“Epigenetics is a unique and growing scientific field within molecular biology that studies changes in gene expression
and cellular function that are not due to changes in the underlying DNA sequence.”

Dr A

Hi Dr. Arvind,

I’m not saying epigenetics isn’t real science. I completely agree that it’s based on real scientific research and knowledge. Your writings and research are very interesting and I’m not criticizing them.

However, what I object to is when it is equated to “gene therapy”. That’s stretching the definition of gene therapy a long way, and it’s misleading. Because the vast majority of the scientific community, the medical community, the media and the lay public understand the term “gene therapy” to mean actual insertion of non-native genes into the genome for clinical therapeutic purposes, or somehow altering the genes by actual intervention - splicing of DNA sequences, knocking out genes that cause disease, or changing base pairs through some kind of genetic vector.

Changing the diet or environmental factors may definitely alter gene expression but it’s not the same as gene therapy.

I think that approach is very misleading. It amounts to, first posting some research or journal article about gene therapy for hair follicle cells (which won’t be available for at least 10-15 years, at the least)… and then prescribing changes in diet to induce epigenetic changes (which will have a very minor influence on hair follicles)… and then saying “Look, we’re doing gene therapy too”.

No, you are not doing gene therapy. Basically what you’re doing is the exact same thing as what thousands of nutritionists and various natural foods advocates, unconventional doctors and health gurus have been preaching about for the past 100 years, i.e. that improving diet MIGHT (in some cases) promote healthier, maybe thicker, hair growth for many people…

The only thing different with you is that you have some more cutting-edge research into genetic effects that support that contention.

But will it actually CURE hair loss or reverse baldness?

No, the chances of that are very slim.

Better use minoxidil, & propecia to do that… those are the best bets until some HAIR CLONING company like Stemson therapeutics or dnovo gets its product to market in the next few years, after human trials. No, hair cloning is NOT the same as gene therapy, but in fact it might be better and safer for most people.

Epigenetics is the investigation of what your ways of behaving and climate can cause changes that mean for the manner in which your qualities work. In contrast to hereditary changes, epigenetic changes are reversible and don’t change your DNA grouping, yet they can change how your body peruses a DNA succession.

@mania It sounds like you took that paragraph about epigenetics from a website and then ran it through an AI app to rewrite it…

Couldn’t agree more.