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Which thickening shampoos are you using?


Hi all,

Not seen or heard much around this subject recently and wondering if there is anything new on the market worth trying or what tried and tested favourites people have?

I tend to rotate between Niz 2% and the ginger body shop one with piroctone olamine (also havent heard much about effectiveness of this ingredient recently?). Luckily, i also tend to find both these shampoos also seem to have slight thickening effect but would like to find something more effective is possible.

Also which Shampoos do you actively avoid?



head and shoulders


I’m using Regenepure NT mainly because it has Caffeine and Saw Palmetto extract and also Emu Oil. I heard it is useful for a healthy hair regimen. I’ve had very good results so far. Its sulfate free which is beneficial for my hair.


@Luis - how long have you been using it? I’m curious about how well it works.


I’ve been using it for 5 months and it works really good. I like that it has natural ingredients like saw palmetto and jojoba oil. I usually use it right after the Regenepure DR. Great combo.


Plenty of shampoos out there like that. Regenepure is famous for spam’m these forums.

I’m currently using The Skin Revolution’s and Lamas.


Been using 2% Nizoral shampoo and Alpecin caffeine laced shampoo and alternate between the two weekly.

These seem to work best for however however, it’s a loosing battle against dht and shampoos are a temporary solution.

Transplantation is the ultimate fix but before going there, I would recommend hair loss concealers such as Toppik, perhaps combined with a hair thickening spray such as Mane.

I’m not a toupee sort of guy but my friends swear by them proving that quality hair piece supplies are used.


When it comes to hair thickening shampoo my first choice is always nanogen hair thickening shampoo, as it is the one giving me desired result instantly. It is more beneficial if used along with nanogen hair conditioner.