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Where\'s Damon?


He was waiting as much as anyone?


» He was waiting as much as anyone?

Damon where are you.

I assume you are upto date on ICX-TRC…I know you was really relying on these results to be a little more positive,but I believe at this point we may of all been expecting a bit to much.I think we all have to wait for the outcome of 2008 results.

I still believe it will happen.When I’m not to sure,but hopefully in the next few years.Hopefully small scale commercialization later next year,that would put us all at ease,wouldn’t it.

If I was you I’d ignore all the negative theads on these boards at the moment.I do not think the results was to bad,at all.At least they are growing hair!

I’m just glad I never got accepted as a trialist now.I think its best to wait until they have it right.I’m getting used to shaving my hair down with balding clippers’it looks better than thinning hair,at least’.

Anyway let us all know that you are alright!