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When It Just Means More - Female Scalp Pigmentation


When hair loss is not just about wanting to look better, but look like you have a normal head of hair. Our Client had a health condition that left her with fine, and miniaturised hair around her head. Wanting to have a deeper look of hair density she turned to Micro Scalp Pigmentation and Vinci Hair Clinic. We would also like to say thanks to our client for allowing us to show her case, she was vocal in wanting to show other women in her situation there is an answer.



She should be very pleased, it would be interesting to see what this looks like if she continues to grow her hair longer.


Thanks @diffuse for your comment. She can grow her hair a little longer but not long, along with her hair being fine and miniaturised all over is the problem of not being able to grow the hair to a long length.


This one looks good , just like what other people have said before, that SMP looks good only if enough ink is used and the result is dark enough to show a difference. I think so far you are the only clinic that uses enough ink for your patients.