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So how the hell do you tell if something is working for you or not? I was on propecia for like 3 years… and didn’t “notice” a slowing of hair loss at all… I was still losing hair and thinning all over, and the shedding never seemed to slow down. So I step it up and try out dutasteride… same story, cept now I have an itchy scalp…

been on dutas for about 2-3 years now… hair loss has not stabilized, and continues to shed a bunch a day and seems to be thinning… now here’s the question… even though it doesn’t seem the dutasteride has halted my hair loss, how do I know it isn’t slowing it down even the slightest bit? How do I know that it isn’t working but is slightly slowing things down? How do I know if it is making things worse?

I keep reading that every guy sheds around 100 hairs a day. So how do us hair loss sufferers know that the hair we are shedding is just a normal shed & isn’t going to grow back thinner?

I’m debating on cutting my losses with dutas and trying an all natural route, but am unsure.

I’ve also been on rogaine for 4-5 years now, as well as hair vitamins & nizoral shampoo.

Any suggestions?


Count the hairloss. I’ve been doing so for nearly 3 years and this allows me to know which regimens work. I know it’s a bit zany. The best solution is to count the hair you collect from the drain. ±50 hairs a day may be unnoticed if you don’t count.


I disagree.

Your hairs aren’t sitting patiently on your head all day, waiting for you to be ready to count them before they decide to fall out.

Counting hairs can be a rough indication of things happening, but there’s too much other stuff at work to really rely upon it like this. (Hell, medications WORKING can cause sheds too.)

It takes time. Take pics (yes, you really do need to have pics not just memory) and judge over a period of months. IMO you’re just working yourself up when you try to call this stuff week by week or something. Too many other possible factors.