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What\'s CIT Farming?


CIT farming includes each scalp hair and a non-scalp hair to be transplanted at once. The farming grafts are subject to the same limitations of body hair transplants and grow with the same limitations.

Many patients who have this method performed don’t return and we don’t see many of the end results of farming. The yields cannot be predicted as farming remains a source of non-scalp hair. CIT farming is not always a 1 to 1 exchange and there are also many cases where only a percentage of the donor received CIT farming. The objective of the farming is to replete the donor area, camouflage missing scalp hair and stimulate the production of melanin. Patients who use CIT farming are those who have extensive hair loss, need repair, and may expect significant hair loss at a later time.

The photos below depict the result of approx. 3000 CIT farming grafts to the donor area of a class 6 patient. The patient also received approx. 6000 CIT grafts to the top and frontal scalp.

Donor area

Recipient Area


How do you charge? You charge as 2 grafts for each exchange?


Pls post some pictures showing the CIT farm graft placement.


» How do you charge? You charge as 2 grafts for each exchange?

No. It is charged as 1 graft per exchange. The price for the farmed body hair is less than a body hair graft transplanted to the recipient area (scalp).


dr arvind had done what he called donor exchange, same idea i m pretty sure and now i dont’ think he does that anymore, perhaps there is really no need for that